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Monster - the leader of quality sound

The company Monster Cable Products, Inc.was founded in 1979 by Noeleel Lee, a design engineer at the Livermore National Laboratory, an audiophile and a drummer. Discovering that the cables affect the transmission of sound, he developed this direction, making it the business card of the campaign.

Today Monster offers solutions for both professional musicians and home use. In the intellectual property of the company there are more than 200 patents, which allows it to continue to discover and develop new, advanced technologies and projects.

Technology Pure Monster Sound

Pure Monster Sound - the brainchild of Noel Li, this technology teamed up with the expertise of an engineer, audiophile and musician. Advanced innovations transmit the drive of music: perfectly implemented soft middle frequencies and powerful strong basses create an all-absorbing scale sound.

Thanks to the use of unique technology Pure Monster Sound, the sound of the company's headphones becomes incredibly realistic, and the ultra-precise transmission of each musical element allows you to get as close to live sound as possible.

Overhead headphones

For wireless headphones, sound is often a weak point - however not in the Monster iSport Freedom model. Experts say that by sound, these headphones overtake many wired classmates. The secret is the combination of Pure Monster Sound technology and Apt-X and AAC codecs.

Smartphone management is located on the ear cup and allows you to turn the power on or off, answer calls, switch tracks and change the volume. An important advantage of the model is moisture resistance - headphones are not just resistant to sweat, they can even be washed.

Overhead wireless headphones Monster iSport Freedom

Advantages of the model:

  • Perfect wireless sound and deep bass
  • Stylish design and reflective finish
  • Stand-alone operation up to 10 hours
  • Moisture resistance

In-channel headphones

Sporting ultrathin Monster iSport Bluetooth Wireless SuperSlim headphones sound as good asaudiophile models. Crystal clear sound is achieved thanks to the patented technology Pure Monster Sound, invented by the founder of the company.

The universal headset, located on the wire, provides full control of the smartphone - from changing tracks and adjusting the volume before making calls. A special ear support ensures that the headphones do not fall out even with extreme sports activities.

In-Ear Headphones Monster iSport Bluetooth Wireless SuperSlim

Advantages of the model:

  • Maximum noise insulation
  • Ultra-slim design and special ear mount
  • High-sensitivity microphone
  • Moisture resistance

Headphones as a gift from Monster!

Describe in the comments to this material how your old wired headphones interfere with sports or do not allow you to listen to music at the same time as sports activities, constantly falling out of your ears and clinging to the wire.

An expert of Monster, Raúl Expósito García, will tell you why Monster headphones will be better for you - and also present the authors with the three most interesting comments. The main gift is the wireless headphones iSport Superslim, two encouraging - the super-compact wired iSport Strive UCT3.

Winners of the

competition As two incentive prizes are wired models, Monster has tried to take into account the extent to which such models will be useful to specific participants. We chose among those who are engaged in running or other sports activities on the street - and they are more important functional and partial sound insulation, which is necessary for safety. Well, for whom music plays an important role in life is also an important factor in choosing, since Monster is primarily a music brand.

3rd place:

Trying to connect 2 worlds. .. Sport and music. Music for me is not only sounds, words and intonations. First of all, these are emerging emotions. And the more accurate the transfer of the original, the brighter and deeper these emotions. In sport, a big role is played by the mental attitude. Sometimes it wakes up with a sense of weakness, and outside the window like the weather is bad - the damp and gray sky. But it's worth to hear a familiar melody full of sunlight and energy and as if a second wind opens, I want to open the door and run along the road. .. But reality, unfortunately, is severe: tangled wires, constantly falling headphones,failure and stop the musical background. .. So, really, there is no way out? Is there really no option to not think about such little things and just do what your body tells you to run without looking back and without the thought of discomfort?¿Es posible unir dos mundos en uno?

The most musical of the participants. And the answer to the participant's question: Monster iSport Strive allows you to fully participate in two worlds: in the world of sports and in the world of music. You simultaneously hear what is happening around you and enjoy a wonderful sound with Pure Monster Sound technology. Since the Monster is primarily a soundtrack, and all the headphones for sports are no different in sound quality from the audiophile headphones Monster , it is important when the music for a person plays an important role. Non-tangled wires, a special mount that prevents the earpiece from falling out of the ear, and the moisture resistance of the ear cups( you can sweat during sports activities) is an excellent solution for this participant. And since he is running, the wires will not hurt him, and partial soundproofing will ensure safety.

2 place:

Hello, my name is Sasha. I adore music listening to it everywhere: at work, at home, on the road, at the dacha and, of course, where without music when doing sports. I actively go in for sports both in the hall and on the street. Headphones are an integral part of my life. They are always with me! The biggest problem with all headphones is that they drop out of the ear at the most inopportune moment, because of this you have to interrupt your workout, and as a result, the entire training gets lost. I want to forget this problem forever! I hope the new Monster technologies will help me and other sportsmen concentrate on sports and listen to my favorite motivating music. And the Monster simply has an unreal sound!

iSport Strive optimally fit for this participant. When practicing outdoors and in the gym, they will never fall out of the ears, thanks to a special "ear" fixing. And the high quality of the sound, which is important for the participant, will not disappoint thanks to the presence in the headphones of the proprietary audio technology Pure Monster Sound , developed by the head and founder of Monster Noelem Lee.

1 place:

Sporty way of life I lead,
I try to be active and not fat,
But unfortunately I can not find,
Normal headphones for sports. .
The model has long been looking for itself,
There is no girl, but on the ears,
Together we go to the gym,
To motivate and become better,
Dressed up big in the ears of heat,
Burning so hard that there is no strength,
Replaced by drops like a put out fire,
But the wire is even more tinkered,
It's like a magnetis attracted to everything,
Clings to everything that is thickI can not,
Well, how can I do this, I do not understand,
It's hard to concentrate on muscles. .
So unfortunately, I lost track of it,
I was desperate and completely fell into a trance,
Raul Garcia I ask you to save,
It looks like Monsterthis is my last chance.

1 place - Stanislav for the original creative approach to the competition. Prize - Bluetooth- headphones Monster iSport SuperSlim

Monster sincerely thanks everyone who took part in the contest!

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