Beginner's guide: 1 week

How can a newbie gain 5-7 kg of muscle?

Do you dream to change your body and instead of an angular bony figure to see in the mirror elastic muscles and a relief press? Do you want to proudly wear sleeveless tank tops that emphasize the musculature of your hands? The updated "FitSeven Beginner's Guide" program will help you create the perfect sports body!

Since the first publication in 2012, the series has been read more than 2 million times. Hundreds( or even thousands) of people who have completed the "Beginner's Guide" program to the end, their experience proves its effectiveness. In 2017, we present a revised and updated version.

Recommendations and rating of the four most effective sports supplements for weight gain and muscle mass gain. Who is this program for?

"Beginner's guide" is designed for men aged 18-35 years, who have a normal or lean physique. We do not recommend this program to adolescents under the age of 18, since the proposed strength exercises can negatively affect the growth and overall development of the spine.

In addition, the program is primarily designed for muscle mass - despite the fact that it is able to correct the shape of the body and get rid of a small tummy, "Beginner's Guide" is not designed for those who need to get rid of a significant amount of subcutaneous fat.

Introductory strength training course

When you first come to the gym, a beginner begins to repeat what most people do around them - endless exercises on the simulators and increased pumping hands. At the same time, training programs are either not available at all, or a classic split is used: "Mon - back, Wed - Legs, Fri - Chest".

Unfortunately, this pattern of training is not effective for ectomorphs experiencing problems with muscle mass. They need a basic training consisting of only five complex exercises with a bar, best affecting the hormonal background of the body and the metabolism.

How to build muscle?

The main problem in the set of muscles for thin ectomorphs is that their body can not accumulate enough energy for either strength training or for the subsequent restoration and growth of muscle tissue. That is why the diet, in fact, is more important than the training itself.

Most often ectomorphs eat little and do not cover even the daily rate of calories - either they are covered, but due to the wrong products that cause a set of fat on the stomach. For muscle growth, the caloric intake should be 20% higher than the norm, and the diet itself should be made with a number of rules in mind.

Nutrition rules for mass gaining

A sports diet is not just a reinforced intake of protein isolate or a recommendation in the spirit of "eating as much meat as possible."In order to increase the caloric intake of the diet, the gain of dry muscle mass without fat is necessary, it is necessary to carefully analyze your diet and observe three rules:

1 .Fats should account for 30-35% of calories of .A smaller amount of fat will lead to lower immunity and a drop in testosterone levels, more fat will entail a set of excess weight. In this case, the types of fats also play a significant role - however, about this a little later.

2. Twice less protein than carbohydrates .The main myth of fitness is that the more proteins - the better for muscle growth. Real research refutes this, showing that the amount of protein in the diet should be about twice as long smaller than than the amount of carbohydrates.

3. The basis of muscle growth is the correct carbohydrates .About 40-45% of the calories of the sports diet for muscle growth should be carbohydrates with medium and low GI, and immediately after strength training for closing the carbohydrate window it is recommended to take a cocktail of protein-isolate and fast carbohydrates.

Training program: 1 week

The goal of the first week is to study the techniques and mechanics of basic exercises. Use the average working weight and try to feel the work of the muscles. Follow the proposed program on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The total duration of the training is 40-45 minutes, including a warm-up and a hitch.

  • Pulling up - 3 x 10
  • Squatting with barbell - 2 x 12-15
  • Standing bar press - 2 x 12-15
  • Deadlift - 2 x 12-15
  • Rod pull to the belt - 2 x 12-15
  • Bench press bar- 2 x 12-15

Diet: 1 week

Before changing the diet, it is important to understand what you are dealing with. Write down everything that you eat per day( weighing portions, if possible), and then calculate the approximate calorie content and the amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. In the following material, we will offer a menu with product recommendations.


The secret of rapid muscle growth is enhanced nutrition( with a number of rules) and rare but heavy, weight training with multi-joint basic exercises. All the rest( sports nutrition, "advanced" training methods, etc.) plays a much less important role.