Why do people get fat?

Reasons for weight gain

It is generally accepted that a set of excess weight with a return is a normal process. Say, after 30 years, the metabolism slows down and the body begins to store more fat. However, this is not true - FitSeven wrote that the metabolism of 30 and 40-year-olds practically does not differ from the metabolism of adolescents.

In reality, most cases of obesity are not associated with genetic problems, but with banal overeating and increased dependence on insulin caused by regular consumption of sweet. Normalization of the diet is the first, from which the path to a harmonious body begins.

What is the harm of simple carbohydrates and in what foods do they contain? Why sweets spoil the metabolism?

How many calories does the body need?

Consuming more energy from the food than the body needs for daily activity, you uniquely provoke the deposition of unclaimed calories in fat stores. Remember that an extra pair of sweets per day( 200-300 kcal) per year will provide an increase in weight by 8-10 kg of fat.

It should also be taken into account that sports do not only accelerate metabolism, but also increase appetite. Trying to lose weight solely by increasing the level of physical activity, but not following a diet, you can even gain weight by increasing the eaten portions.

Carbohydrates: the main reason for weight gain

It is wrong to treat sugar and other fast carbohydrates solely as empty calories. Eating even a small amount of sweet, you increase the level of glucose in the blood - after a few minutes this level drops, and you feel a characteristic desire to have a snack and eat something tasty.

It is important not only to study the information on the glycemic index and the rate of assimilation of carbohydrates, but also to limit the consumption of sugar in its pure form, refusing not only chocolate and sweets, but also fruit juices( including freshly squeezed) and even sweetened yoghurts.

Thyroid dysfunction

The low level of thyroid hormones( hypothyroidism) is characterized by serious metabolic disorders - a fast set of excess weight, chronic fatigue, headaches, insomnia and an inability to sleep even with a large amount of sleep.

One of the most common causes of reducing thyroid hormones is the lack of iodine in the diet, corrected in the simplest ways. If you gain weight, even carefully following the diet and doing sports, be sure to check whether enough of your diet of iodine.

Lack of sleep and obesity

Chronic lack of sleep and constant lack of sleep is a serious stress for the body. Since it is during sleep that not only the body but also the brain with the central nervous system is restored, the lack of sleep significantly worsens the biochemical processes of using calories from food.

Lack of sleep literally deprives a person of energy - trying to make up for her lack, people consume not only more coffee, but food in general. Considering the fact that lack of sleep is often associated with a lack of time, this affects the quality of food and the transition to fast food and harmful products.

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Age-related hormonal changes

Women aged 45-50 years begin menopause, characterized by changes in metabolism, sleep disturbance and even depression. However, very few people know that these age processes also apply to men who have andropause and testosterone levels are decreasing.

In turn, a decrease in testosterone levels leads not only to loss of muscle mass, but also provokes obesity by the "female type" when fat is deposited on the hips and in the lower abdomen. It is also important that bad habits and regular overeating approach the onset of this andropause.

The best diet for weight loss

It is important not just to "go on a diet" to quickly lose weight, but also to completely rethink their eating habits. They, and not genetics at all, exert a key influence on the figure. If you start the day with baking, at dinner you eat a large plate of food with dessert - you will get fat.

At the same time, many people tend to succumb to the deception of advertising, believing that freshly squeezed juices and other "natural" products are good for health. However, in a glass of orange juice contains almost 20 grams of sugar, and this sugar will have the same effect on the body as a can of Coca-Cola.


The main reason for weight gain is not in genetics or age-related metabolic slowdown, but in the uncontrolled use of fast carbohydrates in the absence of a sufficient amount of healthy fats. To maintain a slender body, you need to revise your diet, and not "diet".