NO: Nitrogen oxide


Quote from advertising: "You feel like your skin stretches on the muscles, and the drawing of your veins becomes excessively increased( almost bizarre).Now you are experiencing a super-rigid, full body pumping, this sensation that lasts all day »

  • 180 capsules,
  • 20 days of intake at the recommended dose of 9 pieces per day,
  • The cost in Moscow is 2200 rubles, the cost in America is $ 33.
What are pre-training complexes and how do they increase the effectiveness of strength training and accelerate muscle growth?

NO-X plode

Quote from advertising: "The first and only pre-workout supplement in the world that gives immediate results in energy, size, strength, pumping, performance, mental focus and intensity of training"

  • 1025 g,
  • 50 dosages,
  • The cost in Moscow is 2600 rubles, the cost in America is $ 34.

Nitric oxide .To simplify, nitric oxide( NO, Nitric Oxide) is responsible for increasing blood flow to the muscles. Advertising sports nutrition, increasing the level of NO in the blood, promises an increase in muscle volume, the drawing of veins and increase in strength.

Arginine .It is argued that the amino acid Arginine( L-Arginin) causes an increase in the level of NO.But, firstly, the studies were conducted in rats;secondly, consisted of intravenous administration of arginine;Thirdly, it is known that this amino acid is very poorly absorbed and destroyed in the stomach. Direct evidence that when taking orally arginine causes an increase in the level of nitric oxide in humans is not.

The true composition of Nitrix and NO-Xplode

The packaging proudly states that there is no sugar in the food, but the ingredient named Nansomal Rapid Transport Matrix Esodex is a molecularly altered D-glucose( dextrose).Its huge content causes a significant increase in the level of insulin, which, in turn, really increases the visibility of the veins.

Plus, both these products contain numerous variations of creatine. It is he who is responsible for increasing the volume of muscles.

A short guide to the basic strength training program for rapid muscle mass gain.

But why do they work?

The increase in muscle volume is not due to the miraculous Arginine, but to physical exertion and an increased level of insulin, we also do not forget about creatine.

The infusion for training is given by natural amphetamines( analogues of the hormone adrenaline) contained in foods, and large doses of caffeine. It's not surprising that the energy is over the edge. Yes, nitrogen oxide does work. But there is no evidence that Arginine, and containing it Nitrix and NO-Xplode, cause an increase in NO level. The effect of these products is due to the insane rise in insulin levels due to D-glucose, the action of creatine, huge doses of caffeine and natural amphetamines.

Experience of the expert FitSeven

Our experts thought that NO-Xplode really increases the intensity of training, improves mood and increases the flow of blood to the muscles. However, Nitrix, in addition to darkening of the skin( the huge content of vitamin D affects), did not show any effect at all. Given their price in Moscow, three times greater than in America, a mysterious and frankly dangerous composition, we do not recommend taking them.

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