How to give up sugar?

Dependence on sweet

In fact, sugar causes dependence in the literal sense of the word. We get used to it as physically( the sweet taste becomes especially pleasant, while the natural one becomes too insipid), and emotionally( seizing problems with sweets and other sweets is a common occurrence).

In this case, excessive consumption of sugar not only harms the figure and leads to a set of excess weight, but also disrupts the normal operation of metabolism. Fortunately, the roots of this problem lie on the surface - it's much easier to fight dependence on sweetness than with dependence on alcohol or nicotine.

How and why sugar breaks the work of metabolism and leads to rapid weight gain. What exactly is sugar harmful?

How to give up sweet?

Refusal of sugar is a gradual process. Tune in to what you need about a month to deal with the acute phase of addiction. After this time, you gradually learn to look at the sugar calmly, allowing yourself sweets from time to time, but without being frustrated by overeating.

  1. Discard the juices and sodas. Even freshly squeezed juice contains a large amount of sugar, not to mention the packaged and reconstituted juices. Carbonated drinks, in turn, are one of the main causes of the epidemic of obesity all over the world.
  2. Stop adding sugar to tea and coffee to .The first step on the way to abandon the sweet is "addictive" to the usual taste of drinks. If you can not drink black tea without sugar, drink it with a drop of honey or go to herbal teas. Coffee can be drunk with milk.
  3. Revise your eating habits .Replace cakes and other desserts for fruit, discard sweet breakfast cereals in favor of whole grains( eg oatmeal), minimize the amount of semi-finished and industrially cooked food.
  4. Take the sweet away .Teach yourself not to keep sweets, chocolate and other harmful sweets at home or near the workplace, and just stop buying them - the process of giving up sweet goes much easier when the source of worry is out of sight.
  5. Discard the sweeteners. Remember that you are struggling with addiction - you do not need to remind your body again with a sweet taste of how this taste can be pleasant. In extreme cases, it is better to drink coffee with sugar, but not with sugar substitute.
  6. Learn to see the hidden sugar .Conduct an audit of the labels of products on the content of "hidden" sugar - that is, sugar, the presence of which you did not guess. Pay attention to the composition of dry breakfasts, convenience foods, fast food products and various sauces.
  7. Learn the synonyms of sugar .Manufacturers of food deliberately mislead the consumer, making a mark "without sugar", but using the substances related to sugar . Fructose, glucose syrup, glucose, maltodexin, dextrose, sucrose, agave nectar and even honey are all sugar.

"I can not give up the sweet. .."

If in the early days of giving up sugar you will feel that all your thoughts are solely about sweet, you can not concentrate and you just have a fog in your head - it means everything is fine, and your brain is goingon the amendment. He just needs to get used to low blood sugar.

To improve blood circulation, take a hot shower, do household cleaning or go for a walk. The ideal solution will be a 20-minute run at an easy pace, which will literally bring you back to life. The plus is that cardio is the best way to get insulin back to normal.

Sugary substitutes - a harmful additive or a safe substitute for sugar? Helps Stevia to lose weight?

One of the main advantages - weight loss

In moments of "breaking" it is especially important to teach your body to work without readily available energy( which is sugar).Normalize the metabolism will help cardio on an empty stomach or any other fat burning workout - in the end, you will not only win dependence on the sweet, but will lose weight.

Changing the diet and giving up fast carbohydrates will also do good in the fight against excess weight. However, it is important not to confuse sugar restriction and a non-carbohydrate diet - it is enough only to observe the basic rules of healthy nutrition, without giving up vegetables, fruits and whole grains.

Do not become a fanatic of

Since it is almost impossible to completely abandon foods containing sugar or simple carbohydrates, it is important to learn to be as calm as possible about their use. Do not look at the sweet, as a source of pleasure or as a reward, look at it as a "moderate poison."

If you eat one small cake or drink a cup of coffee with sugar - nothing fatal will happen to you, but eating chocolate candy in boxes is another matter. Remember that it is not so much sugar that is harmful to health, as its excessive use.


Refusal of sugar is a gradual process of struggle with dependence, as a result of which you have to change your attitude to sweets to the most indifferent. After all, in fact, not the sugar itself is harmful, but its excessive use and "seizing" of sweet various emotional problems is harmful.