Atlas of Exercises: Legs

Many newcomers are afraid of "pumping" their feet, but you can safely say that such fears are rarely based on reality. Read more about the fear of becoming great here. Do not neglect the training of leg muscles, if you want to build a harmonious and beautiful figure.

The first part of the material is devoted to the muscles of the front surface of the thigh and the muscles of the lower leg, and the second part to the muscles of the hamstrings and glutes.

Feet: short anatomy lesson

Quadriceps, or quadriceps femoris, the most powerful in the human body. As its name implies, it consists of four heads: the inner wide muscle( 1), the straight muscle of the hip( 2), the outer broad muscle( 3), and the middle wide muscle( 4).

How to properly shake your legs

The correct technique for doing exercises for the development of leg muscles is very important - mistakes are fraught with extremely painful knee joint injuries. Be sure to perform a warm-up set before training.

It is quite enough for beginners to perform one or two leg exercises in training, paying special attention to the mechanics of the basic anatomical exercise - squats with a barbell or dumbbells. You need to train your legs 3-4 times a month.

Squats with a bar

The most effective exercises for pumping quadriceps and buttocks. The bar is in the frame at about the height of the chest. Half-squat, take a step forward, so that the bar is on your shoulders. Grasp her hands about the width of your shoulders and straighten up. Take a step back.

Feet on the width of the shoulders, the barbell on the shoulders, the back is straight, the abdominal muscles are tense. Taking a deep breath and holding your breath, slowly and smoothly move down, as if you sit down on a chair. At the bottom, the thighs are parallel to the floor.

How to squat?

Make sure that your knees do not go too far beyond the socks line, squat a little "back", this will reduce the load from the knees. While squatting, look straight ahead, otherwise there is a risk of collapsing with the bar forward.

How to crouch

There are three variations of the exercise, depending on the position of the bar: the bar in front of him, the bar on the trapezium, the bar on his shoulders. Different variations affect different muscle beams.

How to crouch

Variation with a low barbell: the bar is not on the trapezoids, namely on the shoulders. Tear off the scapula during the exercise, exposing the chest forward. You should feel the tension in the muscles of the shoulders and chest.

Squats with dumbbells in the sides

Feet on the width of the shoulders, dumbbells in the hands, palms facing inwards. Make a diagonal step forward, bending the front leg so that the thigh is parallel to the floor. Repeat for the second leg. Keep your back straight.

Step forward with the

rod. The starting position is the same as when the rod is squat. Take a step forward, bending the front leg so that there is a right angle between the thigh and the lower leg. Go back to the starting position and repeat for the second leg. Remember that the exercise is slow.

Lifting on one leg

Stand with one foot on the platform so that only the toe is on it. Dumbbells in the hands. Slowly lower the heel down, and then go up on the toe. It is important to achieve a full range of movements.

Rising toes with load sitting

The best exercise for pumping caviar. Sit on a bench, socks are located on the platform, on the knees there is an extra load - dumbbells or pancakes of the bar. Lower the heels as low as possible, then, pushing their socks as high as possible. Achieve maximum amplitude.

Dumbbell sit-ups

The variation of the squat with the bar, the technique is similar, but with the hands holding the dumbbells.

Sumo squats with dumbbells

Stand with your legs wide apart, slightly bend your knees. Take the dumbbell with both hands. Slowly sit down, at the bottom of the thigh are parallel to the floor. Pause at the lowest point, then return to the starting position.


Do three sets of 7-10 repetitions, try to use large weights when doing exercises for large muscles( squats, lunges).Caviar needs the same pure approaches - 3, but more repetitions - up to 15-20.