"Running is the privilege of the rich"

Evolution and running of

One of the most important human advantages over other animals is not physical strength, but a sweating system that makes it possible to run for long enough distances at elevated ambient temperatures.

When hunting, a person can chase an animal, waiting for the moment when it will get tired and stop. In the reverse situation, a person can escape by running away from any danger or aggressive animal. In any case, a healthy person should be able to run well.

Epidemic of obesity and lack of mobility

Modern medicine has allowed to survive and be healthy to those people who would never have had a chance to recover just a hundred years ago. The modern food industry has made food the cheapest in the history of mankind.

However, it was cheap calories that caused the epidemic of obesity - never before the average person could afford to eat so much food for such little money. The situation with running and physical exertion is the reverse - they became the privilege of the rich.

Global office slavery

The typical day of a resident of Moscow, Paris, São Paulo or Mexico City is the same - an early rise, an attempt to eat anything, an hour on the road, then seven hours in a closed office in a sitting position, returning home in a car or onpublic transport.

If we look at how much the average person takes up physical activities during the week, it turns out that this is only a few hours. Do you really think that such a way of life can not but affect negatively on health and well-being?

Sedentary lifestyle

Undoubtedly, people are different from animals. But in many respects we are similar. Now imagine that your favorite cat or dog stopped moving, began to lie in one place for 20 hours a day, slowly moving to a bowl of food and back.

Perhaps you will decide that the animal is seriously hurt, and try to treat it. Why do not you try to treat yourself? Most likely because you just do not notice that you do not practically move in everyday life. You are sitting in the office, sitting at home, sitting on the road.

Sport - the privilege of the wealthy

If you can not run a hundred meters, seriously think about your health. To already in 50 years not to move on a wheelchair, suffering from persistent pain, think about prevention - regular physical training and running.

Of course, you say that you do not have time for this. But that's why it was said above that exercise becomes a privilege of the rich. Exactly like the opportunity not to sit in one place all day, but to walk, move and play sports for hours.

Do you feel sorry for your health?

Think about how to start running. Do not skimp on health and buy the right shoes( remember that if you have flat feet, you definitely need special running shoes), start walking first for 20 minutes a day, then for 30, then for an hour. Find time for this.

Do not try to solve the global problem by running a five minute run on a treadmill in a stuffy gym( does not it remind you of a hamster in a cage?) - start walking and running in the park. In any weather. As people did hundreds and thousands of years before us.

Love yourself!

Do physical exercises not because it's "fashionable" - but because it really makes you healthier and stronger. Choose not those activities that "quickly make muscles and burn fat," but those that you really like.

Begin to swim, run, walk. You will see how quickly your body responds with a positive reaction to such efforts. Leave the headphones and cell phone at home - at least occasionally go in for sports in silence, listening only to your thoughts. This is also a privilege today.


It is important for a resident of a modern metropolis to change his attitude to regular physical loads in the open air - in fact, they are a huge privilege that is not available to everyone. If you have the opportunity to go in for sports - do not miss your chance.

Dmitry Pyatanov,

editor-in-chief of FitSeven