Body by summer: 7 week

Diet on the relief of

This week, the program "Body to fly" in focus of our attention is a diet for relief - that is, a cyclic keto diet CKD.Recall that it is nutrition is the key to success - and not just a recommendation in the spirit of "give up the sweet," but a serious compliance with the sports diet.

Caloric content of food from Monday to Thursday is reduced by 15-25% from the normal level - up to 1700-1400 kcal.per day. Consumption of carbohydrates - no more than 20% of all calories( 65-70 gr.), Protein - 2-3 gr.per kilogram of body weight. The remaining calories should come from useful vegetable oils.

Methods for measuring body fat levels, tables and recommendations for home use. How much fat does your body have?

High-intensity training HIIT

Training Monday repeats the program of the previous weeks, but its implementation will seem to you much more difficult, as the use of carbohydrates is minimal - but this is what gives the muscle relief. Do two to three exercise cycles, then go on to the press exercises.

training is built on the HIIT technique, literally melting subcutaneous fat, representing the alternation of 30-second periods of maximum load( fast running or high-speed exercise bike) with 30-second periods of rest. Duration - no more than 8-10 minutes.

Carbohydrate loading

On Thursday , most calories should be consumed 2 hours before strength training to give muscle energy and make up glycogen stores. After the evening training begins carbohydrate loading to accumulate in the body enough energy for strength training on Saturday.

The total intake of carbohydrates from Thursday night to Saturday should be 700-1000 g, proteins - 250-300 g, but fats should be reduced as much as possible - not more than 80 g. As a source of carbohydrates, buckwheat and other cereals withlow glycemic index.

Anabolic phase

Saturday training is a training in a comprehensive program for hypertrophy - that is, exercises that involve all muscle groups, maximum load and a low number of repetitions. Immediately after training, you need to consume 50 g of carbohydrates and 20 g of protein.

The rest of the Saturday evening and all Sunday is a period of normal nutrition. In case of observance of the above recommendations of nutrition, the body must "restart" the metabolism and begin to build muscles, forgetting at the same time that the first half of the week he was on a strict diet.

Body by fly 7: Relief body

Monday performs turbulent training to enhance the relief and "wash out" glycogen stores. Exercises are performed by supersets - first 8 repetitions of the first exercise, then, without interruption, 8 repetitions of the second. Break 30-60 seconds and go to the next superset. Only 2-3 cycles.

Supertet A:

  • Squat with light bar OR Squats with body weight
  • Leg extension in the simulator OR Lightweight deadlift

Supertet B:

  • Leg bench press OR Squeezers from the floor
  • Rod rod to belt OR Belt pull in the simulator

Supertet C:

  • Standing bar stand press OR Dumbbell lifting on the bench
  • Thrust of the upper block to the chest OR Pulling up the

In the environment, the is cardio on the relief. Alternation of 30-second periods of maximum load in the form of rapid running or high-speed exercise bike( heart rate up to 90% of maximum) with 30-second periods of rest. In total no more than 30 minutes.

Training on Thursday ( complex program exercises) is performed after a dense dinner containing a normal amount of carbohydrates. The weight used is 80% of the normal working weight, the break between the approaches is 2 minutes. Each exercise includes 3-4 sets of work for 8-10 repetitions.

  • Squats with a rod
  • Deadlift OR Leg Extensions in the
  • Treadmill bench press
  • Rod rod to the belt OR Tension to the belt in the simulator
  • Standing bar press OR OR DECKING of the dumbbells on the bench
  • Traction of the upper block to the chest
  • Circular exercise program for the

pressthe second half of on Thursday and in Friday nutrition with an abundant amount of carbohydrates, but with the maximum reduction in fats( especially animals).The goal is to maximize the glycogen reserves in the muscles for a powerful strength training, held on Saturday.

performs a comprehensive training program on Thursday , similar to Thursday, but the working weight in exercises increases, the number of sets is reduced to 2-3, and the number of repetitions decreases to 6-8.This approach activates the processes of muscle growth, in fact preventing them from burning.

Diet CKD: calories, proteins and carbohydrates

Following are recommendations for the consumption of fats, proteins and carbohydrates at different periods of the cyclic keto diet on the REL.Remember that the most important phase of the whole diet is carbohydrate loading on Friday, so do not try to reduce carbohydrate intake that day.

  • Keto phase( from Monday to Wednesday): 1400-1700 calories per day, 60-75 gr.carbohydrates, 2 g.protein per kilogram of body weight, the balance of calories is fat.
  • An hour before the strength training on Thursday: a cocktail of 25-30 gr.simple carbohydrates( a glass of juice) and 15-20 gr.protein isolate.
  • Carbohydrate loading( from Thursday evening to Saturday morning): a total of 700-1000 gr.carbohydrates, 250-300 grams.protein and not more than 80 gr.fat.
  • Restart( rest Saturday and Sunday): adherence to the normal level of power, in the second half of Sunday, the minimization of simple carbohydrates.


Starting next week, we will move from drying the muscles to training for pumping and increasing muscle volume. However, we recommend that you periodically return to a cyclic diet for relief to keep your body in perfect condition.