Alexander: plus 26 kg of muscles!

  • Name: Alexander
  • Age: 24 years
  • Height: 188 cm
  • Weight before classes / now: 69 kg / 95 kg
  • Training experience: 3 years

1. What is more important for muscle growth - nutrition or training, and why?

For muscle growth, both nutrition and training are important. Muscles do not grow just like that, they need food - protein. As for training, the more work you put on the muscle, the more it will grow, but only if you enrich it with protein.

2. Training on increasing the mass - what is the main thing in it?

The main thing is a lot to eat. Eating correctly. Little, but often. By nature, I'm slender enough, and every kilogram I gained was hard for me - I had a lot and a lot to eat, otherwise growth stopped.

3. How many times a week, how long, and how intensely do you practice? Do you take breaks?

I usually do 3-4 times a week, an average of an hour and a half. I sometimes take a break, or even two, depending on the goals I set for myself, and also for work. But it is necessary, because after it progress only improves!

4. How do you work on the terrain? Is it a diet or exercise routine?

Above the relief never specifically worked - just by nature always and so was thin. Of course, I often do intensive exercises on the press. But, in general, I do not do any special training on the relief.

5. What is the secret of the ideal press? Genetics or training?

As I said above, training, but also the main desire. Without it, nowhere. It seems to me that with a very great desire, you can achieve a good result, regardless of which genetics was originally made.

6. How many times a day do you eat? Tell us about your menu?

  • Breakfast: cottage cheese 400 grams with syrup or fried eggs of four eggs.
  • Second breakfast: 200 grams of oatmeal in milk.
  • Lunch: chicken thigh - 2-3 pieces, 300 g of beans or peas 200 g. Sometimes rice.
  • Snack: Salad from greens and shrimp, or roasted salmon. Sometimes both.
  • Dinner: Spaghetti with meat, or cheese. Maybe pizza.

I never refuse myself sweet, if I want, then I eat.

7. Does sports nutrition work, which one would you recommend for muscle growth?

I take the protein before and after training, in the morning - both in the morning and in addition. In addition, during or before training - energy mixtures that betray additional strength during training.

8. Training mistakes that you would not repeat if you started to swing again?

I would start with the coach from the very beginning. Of course, now I am doing myself, and making few mistakes, but I learned everything from the coach. It's good that I got a real professional! In general, the technique of exercises is very important.

9. Three myths about training, which can not be trusted.

For some reason, everyone believes that if you eat and drink sports nutrition( and even more if any additional nonsense) - then everything will grow. In fact - no, and this is only a small help - the main thing is training and proper nutrition.

10. Three main recommendations for beginners.

Do not be lazy - practice always at full strength, and do not avoid basic exercises. Do not overwork - do not need to train every day, recovery is very important. Eat - without the protein the muscles just will not grow, and the energy you need.


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