Complex of exercises for the press

Press for beginners

Often newcomers do not know that when doing press exercises they must keep the abdominal muscles in tension and constantly feel their involvement in the work. Only this guarantees that the abdominal muscles of the abdomen will receive the load, and not any others.

Before proceeding to "advanced" exercises with additional weights, it is important to learn how to swing the press and feel each of the abdominal muscles in work - the upper, lower and side press. It is for this purpose that our program of exercises for beginners is designed.

How NOT to rock the press? Why are leg lifts in the vise and the bar can harm the development of abdominal muscles and provoke back pain?

Press: at home or at the gym?

The purpose of the presented set of exercises is the development of the correct technique, and not the setting of a record in terms of the number of repetitions. Not 100 quick twists "something like" and with bad technique will be more effective, but 10 technical ones performed with full awareness of the involvement of the abdominal muscles in the work.

That's why our program for the press is preferable to perform at home, 2-4 times a week, in days free from basic strength training. Repeat the exercise as slowly and technically - a sign that you are doing it right, there will be a specific burning sensation in the abdominal muscles.

Exercises for burning fat on the stomach

No exercise on the press, even the most difficult, can not lead to weight loss. To get rid of a kilogram of fat, you will have to perform 500,000 twists on the press in a row - and the fat on your stomach will be burned in the least due to the characteristics of metabolism and genetics.

You can see cubes of the press or a flat stomach only after you have achieved a general thinness with a diet and special fat-burning exercises. It is important to understand that exercises on the press are important before to improve the shape of the abdominal muscles, and not for slimming and fat burning.

Do not forget to turn on the press!

Once again we note that when performing the complex it is necessary to constantly remember that the meaning of any exercise on the press is to perform the movement precisely at the expense of the muscles of the press. When twisting, only the abdominal muscles, and not the back, legs or any other parts of the body, should work.

That's why in our program for the press for beginners are included both dynamic exercises with the movement and execution of repetitions, and static, in which you just need to stay in a certain position, feeling at the same time the work of abdominal muscles to maintain balance.

Home exercise complex for press

Perform the exercises of the complex slowly, following the breath and feeling the involvement of the abdominal muscles in the work. Try to train without music - it will knock you off at a slow pace and significantly lower the mental concentration. Rest time with a wristwatch with a stopwatch.

1. Side lath

Side lath

Leaning on the elbow, keep the body stretched in a line from the head to the toe, consciously supporting the muscles of the press in tension. Do not touch the floor with your knees. Hold for 20-30 seconds, then change the side. Perform 3 repetitions, alternating the left and right sides of the body in each.

2. Lateral twisting lying

Lateral lying twisting

Lying on the back, left foot on the floor, right on the knee left. Straining the muscles of the side press, tear off the left shoulder from the floor, pointing the elbow to the right knee, but without turning the head. Do the exercise 10-15 times, then change the side and the shoulder - this is one repetition. Complete 3 approaches.

3. Side curls on the side

Side twists on the side

With the strength of the abdominal muscles, lift the body upward, as if trying to reach the tips of the toes with your elbow, but do not push your right hand off the floor. Stay at the top of the exercise for 5-10 seconds, feeling the tension of the press. Do 5-7 repetitions, then change the side. Only 3 approaches.

4. Stand on elbows

Rack on elbows

Keep the body as straight as possible, while looking down and keeping the muscles of the press in tension. It is important not to raise the buttocks too high - for this you need to "twist" the pelvis inward. Hold in position of the rack for 20-30 seconds, take a break for 30-60 seconds. Complete 3 approaches.

5. Exercise "Scissors"


Lying on the back, arms crossed and placed under the buttocks. At the expense of the strength of the abdominal muscles, lift the elongated legs, then start making alternate movements to them left-to-right. Move your legs slowly, feeling that the body keeps their weight by the force of the press. Perform 10-12 times, only 3 approaches.

6. Turning in the direction of sitting

Turns to the sitting

Slowly move the locked hands to the left, pulling the right leg to yourself. Hold at the extreme point for 5-10 seconds, feeling the burning of the press, then go back to the center, rest for 10-15 seconds and follow for the other side. In total, 1-2 approaches, 7-10 times on each side.

7. Screws with

Twisting with lifting of the case

body lifting Lying on your back, stretch your arms forward and raise your legs slightly. The strength of the muscles of the press tear off the trunk from the floor. Drag your fingertips to your feet. Stay at the top of the exercise for 10-15 seconds, while straining the press, then take a break in 20-30 seconds. Only 3 approaches.

8. Reverse twisting

Back torsion

Straining the muscles of the press, direct the knees to the chest, trying to tear the lower back from the floor. Slowly lower your legs down, but do not put them completely on the floor. Perform 3 slow approach exercises for 10-12 reps. It is important to feel the burning sensation in the bottom of the press.

9. Classic twists

Classic twists

This exercise is performed almost the last so that tired lateral muscles of the press allowed to fully incorporate direct muscles in the abdomen. Twist as slowly as possible, follow 3 sets of 7-12 repetitions each. Rest - 30-60 seconds.

10. Pulling the arm forward

Pulling the arm forward

Stand on your knees, leaning on your hands. Pull the right arm forward, and the left leg back. Hold in position for 15-20 seconds, maximally stretching and straining the press. Change sides. Summarize 1-2 steps in 5-7 repetitions for each side of the body.


The first rule of the press is diced - a low percentage of subcutaneous fat, achieved by fat burning workouts and diet, and not by exercises on the press. Press exercises can only help to develop abdominal musculature and improve the actual shape of the cubes.