Bench Press Bench Press

Bench press, lying on the bench

One of the best exercises for developing the muscles of the chest is the bench press lying down. Thanks to him you can work out all the bundles of pectoral muscles - upper, middle and lower, you just need to change the angle of the bench.

Bench Press is one of five basic exercises that affect the development of the muscles of the entire body. If you want to have a powerful and well-developed chest, you can not do without this exercise. In addition, it is important to learn how to do it right.

How to properly perform bench press?

Recommendations for the correct implementation of this exercise are often contradictory. For example, somewhere it is recommended to bend your back, somewhere - to press to the bench. Sometimes it is advised to put your feet on a bench, and sometimes strictly do not recommend.

The truth is that there is a professional technique for weightlifters and powerlifters, which implies very serious weights, and it is according to this technique that the back needs to be bent as much as possible( see the video at the end of the article).

Bench press for beginners

For those who have just started to practice, first of all it is important to feel how the pectoral muscle works. If you do not feel her work, the remaining moments of technology will not play a role, because you simply do not achieve the main task.

To feel the work of the pectoral muscle, first learn the correct technique of push-ups from the floor, then work the bar press with the minimum weight, learning how to work with the muscles of the chest, and only then go on to study the technique.

Risk of injury with bench press

Lowering the weight too low( before touching the chest) or not on the nipple line, you can damage your shoulder. The wrists should be straight, otherwise you can break them by transferring the weight of the bar to them. In addition, remove the weight from the frame neatly, rather than jerk.

If you do the exercise yourself and without insurance, be sure to use security holders that do not allow the bar to fall too low, and fix it in a couple of centimeters from touching the chest.

Technique of bench press( video)

During the exercise, elbows should not move back and forth, the hand must move solely up and down. In addition, it is important not to lower your hand too low - make sure that at the bottom point the angle of the elbow is straight.

In order to focus attention on the bench itself, beginners can put their feet on the bench, which will make the exercise easier. With a lot of weight, it's better not to use this technique, but also perform an exercise with a partner who will insure.


Bench press bar - the most important exercise for pumping the breast. Learn to perform it correctly - it's easy, the main thing is to monitor the position of the hands, and also to ensure that the pectoral muscles work. With increasing weight, you must use insurance.