Wide swimmer's shoulders

How to make a figure like a swimmer?

Speaking of the swimmer's figure, we mean a classic V-shaped figure - broad shoulders and back, developed chest, narrow waist. It is important to understand that training in the basic program form a slightly different figure, since the goal of the program is muscles.

If you need not just massiveness, but a sporty figure with broad shoulders - you need training with emphasis on working out the widest back muscles, musculature of shoulders and trapezoids, practically not involved in the basic program.

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Training for the wide back

The most common mistake in back muscles training is the emphasis solely on exercises with a wide grip. Yes, such exercises really extend the back, but for a harmonious development, you need to use other types of grips( normal and narrow).

"Training on the mirror" - another common mistake. Since it is difficult to see your own back, the trainees are accentuated by vertical towers, and also begin to hump, thus trying to look "wider" in the mirror.

How to pump up the back

Although the most effective exercises for the muscles of the back are pulling up and properly executing the pull of the upper block, in full training, you also need horizontal traction, for example, pulling the bar to the waist.

The best exercises for the back muscles:

  • Trapezium / medium wide : inverted rows.
  • The outer and upper part of the widest : pulling up a wide grip.
  • Bottom of the widest : tightening with a narrow grip.
  • Thickness of the widest : rod pull to the belt.

How to make broad shoulders

Another consequence of the "training on the mirror" is attention exclusively to the front beams of the deltoid muscles. But since the muscles of the shoulder complex consist of three tufts( anterior, posterior and middle), you need to work on each of them.

It should be noted that if the bar press is correctly performed, all three beams( albeit in varying degrees) are included in the work, but if your goal is not just to increase muscle strength and mass, but also the aesthetic shape, then you need to train all three beams.

Training for the muscles of the shoulders

To increase the effectiveness of training the muscles of the shoulder complex, you need a variety - you must vary both the exercises and the technique of work, alternating a large number of repetitions( up to 25) with a small( 8-12 repetitions).

The best exercises for the muscles of the shoulders:

  • Back muscle bundle : lifting dumbbells in the sides in the slope.
  • Medium beam : bent arm lateral raise.
  • Front beam : "Lumberjack press"( lumberjack press).

Trapezium trapezius training program

Like the deltoid muscles, trapezoidal muscles consist of three bundles: the upper, middle and lower. Most often, the trainees are accentuated on the upper beam, working it out with the help of shrags, while forgetting that other exercises are needed.

Note that the training of trapezius muscles is for aesthetic purposes only, and is not needed for beginners who gain primary muscle mass. By training a trapeze or neck muscles, you should clearly understand why you need it.

Training trapezium muscles

Of course, the best exercise for trapeziums are considered to be the shags, which are part of the basic powertrain exercise - power clean , and mainly work on the upper beam, but for a variety of workouts, use variations.

The best exercises for trapezoids:

  • Bottom bunch : lifting dumbbells to the sides, lying on an incline bench.
  • Medium beam : Shrugs lying on an inclined bench;thrust of the block sitting.
  • Top bundle : lifting rod with push up


The creation of a V-shaped figure of a swimmer involves working on the widest back muscles, shoulder muscles and trapezoids. It is important that training in the basic program develops the figure somewhat in a different direction, giving it a general massiveness.

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