Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling

  • Date of birth: November 12, 1980.
  • Height: 185 cm.
  • Weight: 82 kg.
  • Best movies: "Hunters on gangsters", "Drive", "This stupid love", "Fracture", "Diary of memory", "Only God will forgive."

Filming in the film "This stupid love"

Judging by Ryan's early photos and films, his original body type is a tall and lean ectomorph. According to the actor, the first power training he took up only at 23, preparing to shoot in the romantic picture "Diary of Memory."

Gosling made tangible changes in his physical form in 2010, having shown in the film "This stupid love" an updated figure. Subsequent films, "Only God Will Forgive," and "A Place Under the Pines" showed that sport has become a part of his life.

Beach training

The main secret of Gosling's training is the emphasis on the so-called "beach training", in which the muscles that make the figure more triangular and V-shaped are worked: the shoulders, the pectoral muscles, hands and the press. Training of the musculature of the legs is minimized.

The muscle growth caused by this training is primarily due to the increase in sarcoplasm - the nutrient fluid surrounding the muscle fibers. It is important that to maintain the shape will require constant training, otherwise the muscles will simply "blown away."

Diet of Ryan Gosling

The first rule of the beach training diet is to provide enough carbohydrates and proteins as energy for both training and for subsequent muscle growth. However, it is not recommended to exceed the daily calorie rate by more than 15%.

In addition, to work out the relief of the muscles and the press, active cardio training is necessary on days that are free from forcing. This will help the body to activate fat burning by optimizing metabolism and producing adrenaline.

Ryan Gosling's training program

Monday and Thursday - Chest, hands

  • Bench on the incline bench - 4 x 10
  • Dumbbell cultivation on the incline bench - 3 x 8
  • Push-ups on the uneven bars - 3 x 12
  • Tightening with the back grip with load -3 x 10
  • French bench press on the triceps - 3 x 12
  • Lifting the legs in the press - 3 x maximum

Tuesday and Friday - Back, shoulders

  • Rod pull to the belt - 4 x 10
  • Lifting with load - 3 x 10
  • Arnold wrestling: dumbbell bench press sitting - 3 x 10
  • Bydumbbell in the sides in the slope - 3 x 8
  • Dumbbell lifts in front of you - 3 x 12
  • Exercise "Bike" - 3 x maximum

Wednesday and Saturday - Cardio, press

  • Interval run for burning fat - 20-25 minutes: sprint on30 seconds, then 90 seconds of fast walking, and then in a circle. It is recommended to perform on a soft natural surface( beach, lawn), and not on a treadmill( 2).
  • Rack with an emphasis on elbows( "lath") - 5 minutes with interruptions.

Sunday - rest

Training for the film "Only God will forgive"

In addition to the strength training, after filming in a fairly brutal action movie "Only God will forgive" Ryan and in real life became interested in martial arts. To prepare for the film, he was engaged in Muay Thai for 2 hours a day with his personal trainer.

The trainings themselves have changed according to the goals and the loads - instead of the daily beach training with medium weights, he went to heavy basic exercises for mass recruitment( squats, barbell bench press, pull-ups)( 3).

Training for the film "The Place under the Pines"

The role of the motoscader in the movie "The Place under the Pines" cemented the image of the "steel guy" for Gosling, becoming the next challenge - in addition to strength training and martial arts, he had to learn how to professionally handle a motorcycle.

For the role in the picture, the actor scored more than 15 kg of muscles, focusing on basic training and active nutrition. Considering that in 2016 the release of "Blade Runner 2" with Ryan in the lead role is planned, we are sure that the actor will become even more powerful.


The secret of the V-shaped figure with wide shoulders, large biceps and elaborate press - a combination of "beach training" with cardio training and diet. Despite the fact that muscle growth on such a program is moderate, visually the figure becomes more athletic.

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