The erection has lost?

1: Vascular diseases

The death rate from diseases of the circulatory system in Russia is approximately 800 people per year per 100 thousand population( 1).A similar indicator for the countries of Western Europe is about 180-200.Failure to achieve an erection is the first sign of such diseases.

It is important not only to hope for the means and methods for increasing potency, but also to try to understand the causes of the problem. The transition to a drug solution should be prescribed by a doctor, and only after the normalization of the diet and diet.

2: Low zinc level

Zinc is one of the most important micronutrients the body needs for the synthesis of testosterone. Low level of zinc in the diet - a common cause of lowering the level of male hormone and related problems( difficulties with achieving an erection, including).

The daily norm of zinc is 10-15 mg( 1).This amount is contained in 300 g of liver, 500 g of beef, 500 g of cheese, 400 g of pine nuts or 500-700 g of buckwheat. If you do not eat such a volume of food, you can with great certainty say that you have a shortage of zinc.

3: Digestive problems

FitSeven already mentioned that with digestive problems, the gastric barrier is often broken, causing gastric juice to corrode the walls of the stomach. The result is internal mini-bleeding and associated zinc loss.

It is important to understand that the difficulties with digestion and assimilation of nutrients have a negative impact on a huge number of metabolic processes. The worse the food, the worse the condition of the stomach and the worse the work of the body as a whole and the penis in particular.

4: Harmful habits of

One of the main causes of gastric mucosa damage is alcohol consumption. In addition, the regular abuse of alcohol can disrupt the functioning of the liver and nervous system - which, in turn, also negatively affects the potency.

With regard to smoking, studies indicate that 87-97% of men with erectile problems are smokers( 2).Nicotine makes the blood vessels less elastic, which negatively affects the ability to achieve an erection. Read on how to quit smoking.

5: Increased body mass

The most important rule of healthy erection is to maintain a normal body weight, since there is a link between obesity, the development of diabetes and impotence. The reason is that diabetes triggers the growth of bad cholesterol and worsens the work of nerve cells( 3).

It is necessary to remind once again that the most effective way to lose weight is, first of all, a correct and balanced diet, and not exhausting physical training. At the same time, a sharp refusal of food and hungry diets only harm testosterone.

6: Excessive Exercises for

Excess physical activity, just like its deficiency, can cause a drop in testosterone levels due to overtraining. To avoid this, it is important how to monitor the diet( a diet for muscle growth), and for the amount of sleep( not less than 8 hours).

The use of anabolic steroids is also associated with a worsening potency. At the end of the "cycle" the body gets used to getting testosterone from the outside, stopping its natural synthesis. The result is both a decrease in libido, and various depressions.

7: Depression

Remember that depression is not an invention of psychotherapists who want to earn more money, this is a serious disruption of the normal functioning of the brain. One of its most important characteristics is the loss of interest in life in general, and in sex in particular.

The main danger of depression is that it can provoke both direct damage to health( lowering the level of dopamine and other hormones), and indirect - by reducing the level of physical activity of increased craving for bad habits.


Decreased ability to achieve erection often serves as an indicator of the presence of a man with arteriosclerosis or other cardiovascular diseases. A healthy diet and an adequate level of physical activity are simple but extremely effective methods of dealing with the problem.

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