Corsets for posture

1: Shoulder straps

Posture correctors having the phrase Clavicle Support or Clavicle Brace in the name of the phrase, serve to set the correct position of the shoulders and collarbone. Similar products are shoulder-worn belts, pulling blades and guiding the chest forward.

Although shoulder straps are the simplest and cheapest form of posture correctors, they effectively help combat the consequences of a permanent job in front of the computer, as a result of which the shoulders are lowered forward.

2: Shoulder straps with abdominal support

Models consisting of the upper and lower group of adjustable elastic straps with fasteners allow you to simultaneously adjust both the position of the shoulders and the bulging of the abdomen. Such products often have in the title the phrase Posture Correction Support .

The quality and price of this type of posture corrector varies considerably from manufacturer to manufacturer - there are both convenient and comfortable models, and low-quality products that rub the skin and create noticeable discomfort when worn.

3: Elastic corsets

The lower part of such posture correctors is a kind of corset, densely covering the zone of the waist and abdomen. The upper part combines shoulder straps and elastic insert( in some cases aluminum), which sets the correct position to the spine.

Similar models are the most effective among non-professional and relatively inexpensive. For optimal results, it is recommended to wear such a posture corrector for 30-40 minutes several times a day, while avoiding constant wearing.

4: Corsets-reklinators

Professional corsets-reklinatory promote the reclamation( straightening) of the thoracic spine. Similar models of the posture corrector are also worn on the principle of a backpack - elastic shoulder straps cross over from behind and fasten on the abdomen.

It is important to note that corsets-recliners are rather the subject of rehabilitation therapy, appointed physician-physiotherapist, rather than an everyday simulator for improving posture. The cost of the model Dorso Direxa Posture 50R59 reaches 300-400 €.

5: Lumbosacral

Like the previous model, the lumbosacral corsets are designed primarily for people who are injured and suffering from pain. A similar posture corrector is an elastic-elastic band, worn on the abdomen, middle and lower back.

Zones of variable compression provide both a full fit( the corset is not visible under the clothes), and the correct distribution of pressure. The main scope of products - fixing the lower back during classes in various sports.

6: Female models

Female models of posture correctors often represent either shoulder belts with abdominal support, or elastic corsets, but with one important functional difference - the products raise the chest, improving its shape, while reducing waist circumference.

In the upper price segment of female corsets there are models, very similar to the usual underwear. Such posture correctors are mainly used to visually improve the figure - reducing the waist, straightening the shoulders and lifting the chest.

7: Compression lingerie

Despite the fact that manufacturers of some brands of compression clothing claim that their products improve posture, in reality this is only a temporary effect, as the tissue can not provide sufficient level of fixation of the spine and bones of the clavicle.

However, similar underwear all the same significantly improves the visual perception of the figure, without riveting in the eyes, like a regular posture corrector. Compression T-shirt Pelham &Strutt , which provides straightening of the shoulders and pulling in the belly, costs about 50 €.


It should be remembered that any posture correctors are only a secondary element - regular physical exercises, exactly as well as properly performed stretching to increase the range of mobility of joints and ligaments, is much more important.