How to train a teenager?

How do I get pumped into a teenager?

On the one hand, it's easiest for guys to pump up and create a sports figure between 13-14 and 18-20 years old - the testosterone and growth hormone levels in a teen are maximal( neither before nor after they are so high), and bone growth zonesopen( this will facilitate the task of expanding the shoulders and strengthening the hull).

However, weight training at this age can easily stop the growth, resulting in the guy for life will remain short stubborn. The training program in the gym for teenagers should not include heavy basic exercises that exert a strain on the spine.

Body types and genetics - how fast can your muscles grow? Recommendations of the training for each of their three types of physique.

Vertical load on the spine

Most of the strength exercises performed with free weights( barbells, weights or dumbbells) exert a vertical load on the teen's joints that have not yet fully formed, provoking the curvature of the spine. Exercises on the simulators and training with own weight is safer.

Under the age of 15-16 years, regular swimming is best for adolescents - it will easily turn a lean boy into a broad-chested pumped-up guy with a beautiful press. For strength training on simulators, you can move to 16-17 years, and begin to swing the bar - at least 18 years.

Does the bar help to stretch out in growth?

It is much easier to learn to pull on a horizontal bar with a body weight of 50 kg than with an "adult" of 70 kg - and correctly performed pull-ups are developed not only by the muscles of the back and shoulders, but also by the muscles of the hands( primarily the biceps) and even the press. In addition, the bar can help grow and grow in growth.

Braces on the crossbar improve the posture of a teenager, disturbed by the sitting at the school desk - despite the fact that the spine is not physically growing at the same time( the growth of a person is largely determined by its genetics and nutrition in childhood), this has a visual effect. Push-ups on parallel bars are considered the most important exercise for the development of the upper pectoral muscles, the formation of strong shoulders and powerful arms( primarily triceps, but not forgetting the biceps and muscles of the forearm).

In addition, on the uneven bars it is easy to pump the press with the help of the legs.

As with pull-ups, you can start the exercises on the uneven bars from the age of 13-14( in the absence of direct contraindications).The best effect for muscle growth will be the combination of swimming, pull-ups on the bar, push-ups on the uneven bars and normal push-ups from the floor.

Training program for the teenager

The basis of the training program for a teenager of 13-16 years of age should be performed every morning home exercises( for example, 3-4 sets of 10-20 technically correct push-ups from the floor), as well as swimming in the pool using different styles - 2-4 times a week for 30-45 minutes.

Immediately after the pool, you can visit the gym to perform pull-ups on the bar and push-ups on the bars. Exercises are also performed in 3-4 sets of 10-20 technically correct repetitions with an emphasis on working muscles and for strengthening neuromuscular communication with the brain.

Program in the gym

After 16 years, you can break into moderate training on the simulators, but with the use of average working weights and a high number of repetitions of exercises( at least 10-15).Preferred emphasis on swimming, pull-ups, push-ups, but not on the simulators themselves.

After reaching the age of 18, you can proceed to the "Beginner's Guide" program, designed specifically for rapid muscle growth. Execution of this program with the presence of even a year of experience in training with the weight of your own body can show a very, very fast result.

Nutrition for muscle growth

Muscles grow primarily from increased nutrition, not from exercise or from taking sports supplements. Despite the fact that the use of dietary supplements and sports nutrition( including whey protein) is better to start from 17-18 years, to a diet for muscle growth can go and at 13-14 years.

Restriction of harmful food( fat fast food, carbonated drinks, sweets) and enhanced nutrition with the right carbohydrates( plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains) will easily help the teenager not only gain muscle, but also strengthen health in all respects.


For muscle growth in adolescents under 16 years, swimming and exercise with body weight( pull-ups on the bar, push-ups and squeezing from the floor) are recommended, from the age of 16 one can practice on the simulators using light scales, and start to swingthe barbell is recommended from 18 years.