More muscle, less fat

Thick ectomorph.

. Large bone, wide hips, short arms and legs are typical signs of endomorph, which means a genetic tendency to set fat. But somatotypes are given at birth, and if as a child the child was thin and fattened later, then the reason is not genetics at all.

Many associate a set of weight closer to thirty with a slowing of metabolism, but this is not quite so - the metabolic rate decreases only by sixty years. In fact, most often obesity is associated only with excessive diet.

Slowing metabolism

The body at 25 years is not much different from what it was in 18( of course, if you do not finish it with bad habits) - both in terms of metabolism and muscle growth. Scientists have proved that the metabolism slows down only to 60 years.

Of course, the level of development of the main male hormones - testosterone and growth hormone - is also important. But, again, to 35 their level is sufficient for muscle growth. In general, you do not need to think that you can change your body only in adolescence.

Training strategy for muscle growth

A big misconception is that cardio helps to burn fat. In fact, exhausting running or other loads exhaust the body, and along with hungry diets it slows down metabolism and provokes further fat deposition.

Strength training with large weights causes not only muscle growth, but also reduces the body fat percentage, because the more muscles, the more energy you need. In addition, strength training changes the hormonal balance, which also leads to a decrease in fat mass.

Nutrition strategy for fat loss

Experiments on self and hungry diets are not an option. The general recommendation is simple - to determine the daily calorie rate and follow it. And anyway, think about what you eat, exclude alcohol and sweet - in general, standard recommendations.

In the long term it is better to adhere to reasonable diets - for example, a balanced power system Zone. If you need to lose weight really quickly and significantly, then a protein diet will help.

How to lose weight and pump muscle?

Although it is obvious that the body can not burn fat and increase muscle at the same time - the first process is associated with a calorie deficit, the second - with an excess, but, for example, keto diet allows you to combine these processes.

In addition, newcomers, regardless of their age, the first six months can build muscle and lose weight at the same time. The body adapts to the load and starts to work differently, and really melts the fat in the muscles.


Having made efforts and having grown thin, having returned to the last way of life and a food, you will return also the left fat. The struggle for harmony is a constant process, and it does not begin with cardio loads, but with a gym.