Is the bar better than a simulator?

Do I need training on the simulators?

Often when choosing a hall, it is recommended to look at the brand of sports simulators - say, Technogym equipment speaks about the high level of the sport club. But at the same time, the advisors forget that for the pumping of muscles, sophisticated power machines are not needed at all.

Undoubtedly, in the simulator you can repeat the technique of the exercise. But the key word is "repeat".If you do not know how to do any basic exercise correctly, then the chance that you are technically performing its variation in the simulator is zero. Do you need a bar in the gym?

If there is no bar stand in the gym, a bench for bench press and a set of free weights( pancakes for barbells, collapsible or full dumbbells) - turn around and leave, even if all the rest of the equipment is sparkling with novelty.

Sports halls, which do not have free weights, are intended more for rehabilitation physical education or for training of elderly people. But they are definitely not designed to effectively set muscle, and will be completely useless to beginners.

foot muscle simulator Unfortunately, even if the gym has a bar and a squat rack, most avoid doing these sit-ups, replacing them with exercises in leg and buttock training apparatus, considering such simulators to be more effective and "comfortable."

But the truth is that the right squats and deadlifts are best used in the work of the gluteal muscles, which can not be said about the simulators for the back bench press lying down - in such simulators everything works except the buttock muscles.

Back muscles simulators

Another common mistake is the pull of the crossbar to the chest or behind the head in the so-called "spin simulator".Trying to repeat at once two exercises - pulling to the waist and pulling - the trainee eventually uses rather the muscles of the hands rather than the back.

Plus, even if the machine itself clearly and unambiguously says that you can not arch your back and it is not recommended to lower the crossbar by the head, people believe that they or their coach is smarter than the manufacturer, and perform the exercise the way they want.

Home simulators

Interesting, but many really believe in advertising simulators for the home, and the fact that one machine will pump all the muscles of the body in just 15 minutes. Some go even further, and try to find blueprints and tips on how to make such a simulator with their own hands.

Obviously, even if you do not have the opportunity to attend the gym, then spend tens of thousands of rubles on an incomprehensible machine - stupidity. In fact, even collapsible dumbbells and a bench for bench press will be times more efficient than such a miracle simulator.

To which trainers do they fit?

Use the simulators only when you have already learned how to perform basic exercises and are able to understand which of these exercises the simulator replicates, but you want, for example, to make a pumping or to increase the level of safety when working with weight.

If the simulator does not repeat any of the basic exercises, use it only if you have been training for a long time and achieved significant results. Remember that beginners simply do not need isolation exercises.

Why does everyone recommend simulators?

Despite the fact that the production of sports equipment is a profitable industry, it is rather difficult to sell a conventional bar and a set of weights for a substantial amount. What can not be said about the next super-simulator replacing all past simulators.

Forming in the minds of the trainees the myth that in the gym should be three dozen new simulators on the press, the equipment manufacturers force the owners of the halls to constantly update these machines. For what, in the end, the trainer pays.


Originally invented for restorative therapy, athletic trainers should not be used by people who are working to increase muscle mass, not representing which of the basic exercises is copied by a particular simulator.