How to make cubes on the press

How to pump the press to the dice?

Cubes on the press - the cherished dream of the majority of those practicing in the gym. It is to reach these very cubes that they pump the press, sit on diets for drying and take fat burners. However, in order to achieve cubes, routine exercises on the press are often not enough.

If you've heard about the "Plank" exercise, you know that in just a few weeks it allows you to achieve notable results. But what if the bar no longer works? Below you will find four advanced static exercises designed to create cubes on the press.

Are you trying to burn fat on your stomach? A short guide on the types of training, the most effective for quickly getting rid of excess weight.

The strategy for achieving the cubes

The abdominal musculature of the press is fundamentally different from, for example, the musculature of the hands. If the main task of the biceps is to flex the arm to lift the load( duration of action a few seconds), then the abdominal muscles are designed to permanently maintain the load.

In fact, the press consists of slow-type muscle fibers - and for their training, you need primarily static exercises, and not advanced exercises with large weights. The complexity of the situation is aggravated by the fact that the main food for fibers of a slow type is fat.

How to drive fat from the stomach?

As the body "knows" that the abdominal muscles need fat to work, it is on the stomach that it stores this fat and stores it - while the lower level of daily activity is obtained by the abdominal muscles and the muscles of the body, the thicker the fatty layer eventually becomes.

At the same fat on the stomach does not grow from fatty foods, but from the excess carbohydrates in the diet. If you can not imagine your life without sweets( or even "inconspicuous" 2-3 spoonfuls of sugar in a glass of tea or coffee) - you can safely forget about your dream to achieve cubes on the press and drive fat off your stomach.

How to learn to strain a press?

The second secret of achieving cubes on the stomach is the ability to deliberately strain the muscles of the press - this skill is extremely important when performing static exercises for the development of abdominal muscles. If you are not straining the press with the bar, you are doing it wrong.

However, for the pumping of blocks you will need not only the aforementioned bar and the exercise "Bike", but also other static exercises. In doing this, you need to perform these exercises as well as the bar - trying to stay in the technically correct position for as long as possible.

The main secret of the relief abdomen is the ability to include the muscles of the press in the work while performing exercises. All about how to learn to strain the press.

Complex of exercises for cubes on the

press. The following complex of exercises from yoga for the development of abdominal muscles and the development of cubes is recommended to be performed at home, as a morning warm-up. Remember that the task of these exercises is to create a connection between the muscles of the press and the brain, and not at all the number of performed repetitions.

During training, you must support the press in a conscious tension. Gradually you will learn to feel and strain not only the entire press, but also its individual segments, which are cubes - including the lower press connected with the muscles of the legs and pelvis.

1. Half-sided with arms outstretched. Put your feet to the width of your shoulders, raise your arms straight up, then, as you exhale, start crouching down, imagining that you are sitting on a chair. Take care that your knees do not go beyond the line of socks. Slowly breathing, support the pose for 30-40 seconds. Keep the press tight.


2. Pose "Warrior I" .Standing exactly, feet shoulder-width apart. Put the right leg forward, bending it in the knee, then take the left leg back, unfolding the toe by 45 degrees. Point the coccyx down, then raise your hands up. Keep your thighs looking straight ahead. Strain the muscles of the body and maintain the pose for 30-40 seconds.


3. The position of the "Tiger". Standing on all fours, palms under the shoulders. Look forward, neck in neutral position. On inhaling, stretch the abdominal muscles and direct your right leg up, slightly bending your back. Hold for 10-20 seconds, then, even more exerting pressure on the exhale, pull your leg towards the elbow and round the back. Do 3-5 approaches to each side.


4. Spinning the spine sitting. Sit, straighten your legs, both hands are on the floor behind your back. Bend the left leg and place it from the outside in the area of ​​the right knee. Tighten the press, then, on exhalation, strain the press even more and gently unfold the case to the side. Raise the right arm bent at the elbow to the left knee. Hold for 30-40 seconds and change the side.

Since the abdominal muscles consist of slow muscle fibers, for their training, it is necessary, first of all, various static exercises. In addition, a flat stomach is unattainable without proper nutrition and control over the glycemic index of carbohydrates consumed.