Perfect men's breakfast

What should men eat for breakfast?

Let's say "clean" - in most cases the man does not prepare his breakfast. He either snacks on the way to work, or shifts to his wife's shoulders about how nourishing and tasty to feed his husband, while not forgetting about the rules of healthy eating.

Women, in turn, consider all sorts of sources of protein as the best men's breakfast - from milk and cheese to bacon and sausage. However, a protein breakfast will be more useful for losing weight, while the best choice for men will be carbohydrates.

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Importance of breakfast for the metabolism of

The main difference between male and female metabolism is that the body prefers to use free fatty acids as a source of energy, and the body of a man - carbohydrates. The reason lies in the fact that the muscles( and they have more men) are required to work just carbohydrates.

Despite the fact that a tight protein breakfast really saturates a man, the body still sooner or later will require carbohydrates - and if these carbohydrates are not consumed at the right time, they will go straight to the fat on the stomach. That's why it's important for men not to overeat in the evening.

Rules for a perfect breakfast

It's important not just to look for "interesting recipes" for breakfast, but to try to plan it in a complex way - based primarily on key ingredients and a general understanding of caloric content. Otherwise breakfast will come out beautiful and maybe even tasty - but not always useful.

  1. Breakfast should be high-calorie .The total caloricity of the men's breakfast should be about 500-600 calories - this will not only satisfy the morning hunger, but also wait for a full dinner without the temptation to have a snack, most of which are extremely detrimental to the figure.
  2. The half of calories should account for carbohydrates .The source of carbohydrates should not be sugar and sweets( or even fruit juices that contain more sugar than coca-cola), but foods that contain complex carbohydrates and fiber. First of all, it is oatmeal or whole grain cereal.
  3. Breakfast should be rich in useful fats .The ideal choice will be an avocado containing a lot of omega-9 fats, but olive and coconut oils are also a good alternative. Among other things, peanut butter also contains a lot of omega-9, but it's important to buy something that does not have sugar and palm fat.
  4. Do not forget about the vitamins .Develop a habit of eating at breakfast 1-2 whole fruit. It can be like an orange, a banana, an apple or a pear, and kiwi, mango or even garnet. In addition, you can take vitamins in tablets - the most important are vitamin D and magnesium with zinc, which men often do not have enough.

Which is better - muesli or oatmeal?

No matter how useful and natural the honey muesli with raisins, chocolate crumbs and whole-grain oats seemed, ordinary boiled oatmeal would be much better. Honey contains only 0.02% of pollen and active ingredients, while 80% is ordinary sugar and 19.98% water.

A thoroughly brewed oatmeal, in contrast to dry pressed flakes, forms a specific mass in the stomach, which in fact makes digestion difficult - however, this is what creates such advantages of oatmeal as long saturation, improvement of intestinal microflora and blood quality.

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Slimming breakfast

If you want to get rid of excess weight, then the best refreshment breakfast will be a complete refusal of breakfast. For example, the method of interval starvation, which is extremely effective for burning fat, means eating only from lunch to early dinner - breakfast is excluded.

The feeling of hunger, which most people experience - it's not really a hunger, but only the body's response to low blood sugar. In simple terms, the body literally becomes addicted to fast carbohydrates and again requires them, although it does not need calories at all.

The right breakfast for women

Unlike men, it is really better for women to stick to protein breakfasts, which consist not of fruit juices and fat-free yoghurts( containing 20 grams of sugar per serving), but of eggs and other sources of protein. Such a breakfast will provide both satiety and benefits for metabolism.

The less carbohydrates will be in a woman's breakfast, the lower it will have the blood sugar level, and the stronger the body will strive to use free fatty acids as the main energy source. Remember that the presence of glucose in the blood always blocks fat burning.


The ideal choice for breakfast will be freshly brewed oatmeal in milk with a pinch of cinnamon, a spoonful of peanut butter and pieces of seasonal fruit. The worst option for starting the day will be sweet flakes, meat semi-finished products and chocolate pasta on white bread toast.