Rating of exercises on the press

The Best Exercise for a Press Study

In a scientific study conducted at the University of San Diego, the effectiveness of the most popular exercises( and simulators) for the musculature of the press was evaluated( 1).Participants in the experiment were volunteers, 30 absolutely healthy men and women aged 20-45 years.

Using the method of electromyography and special equipment, the load was measured in the upper, lower and oblique( lateral) abdominal muscles. Also, the degree of involvement of the muscles of the front surface of the thighs was measured to determine whether the exercise is true or erroneous.

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Press: rating of the best exercises

The result of the exercise was compared with classic twists on the press. If the exercise ratio is, for example, 200, this means that the exercise uses the abdominal muscles twice as efficiently as twisting. If 25 - then four times worse.

Straight abdominal muscle

1. Exercise "Bike" 248
2. Leg lifts in the 212
3. Curls on the fit-bole 139
4. Curls with raised legs 129
5. Twisting with the roller for the press 127
6. Curls with arms extended 119
7. Reverse twisting 109
8. Twisting in the simulator Ab Roller 105
9. Elbow stand 100
10. Ab Wheel Exerciser 21

Abdominal muscles
1. Leg lift in the 310
2. Bicycle 290
3. Back-twisting 240
4. Elbow stand 230
5. Twist with raised legs 216
6. Twisting on the fit-bole 147
7. Twisting with the roller 145
8. Twist with arms outstretched 118
9. Twisting in the simulator Ab Roller 101
10. Exerciser for the press Ab Rocker 74

7 best exercises for the abdominal muscles


Exercise "Bike". Starting position: lying on the back, the loin is pressed to the floor. Raise the upper part of the torso, then the legs;begin to perform the alternate tightening of the knees to the head. The right knee should touch the left elbow, then the other way around.

Lifting the feet on the press

Rises of legs. The exercise is performed both with the fixation of the back in the simulator( see photo), and without it( lifting the legs in the vise).During execution, the body remains motionless, only the legs bent at the knees move. It is important to feel the work of the musculature of the press and constantly monitor the movement.

Twisting with the bar on the press

Twisting with a roller. Exercise can be performed not only with special rollers, but also with dumbbells or barbells( see photo).Get on your knees, transfer the weight of the body to your arms, "roll back" forward, then, due to the strength of the abdominal muscles, return to the starting position.

Twist on Fitball

Twisting on the fit-bole .Sit on the fit-bol, put your hands behind your head, then lean back. Controlled movement at the expense of the abdominal muscles lift the body, hold for a second and again sink down. The hips should remain parallel to the floor during execution.

Twisting with the legs raised upwards

Twisting with raised feet .Lying on his back, the waist is tightly pressed to the floor, hands along the body. Raise your legs up, your knees slightly bent, your ankles touching each other. By the strength of the abdominal muscles, slowly lift the pelvis, as if twisting in the direction of the head.

Exercise the bar on the press

Exercise "Plank" .This exercise is considered the best static exercise for the muscles of the press. It is necessary to take a firm position of the rack on elbows, fix the body, strain the abdominal muscles - and maintain this position for 30-40 seconds. Then repeat several times.

Twists with arms outstretched

Twists with arms outstretched. Exercise is in many respects similar to classical twists, however, when performing a hand, they are not laid behind the head, but are stretched back. Actually, this complicates the exercise, increasing the level of involvement of muscles in the work.

Is the upper and lower press divided?

The study showed that most subjects could not separate the involvement of the upper and lower abdominal muscles during exercise. Movement, in fact, performed due to the participation in the work of all departments of the muscles of the abdominal press at the same time.

However, this does not mean that it is impossible to accurately load the lower section of the press. This only shows that the average trainee is not able to concentrate on involving various departments of the press in the work. Working out of the lower press requires a special technique.

Does the roller work for the press?

Another myth, debunked by this research - super efficiency of the roller for the press or other special simulators. Yes, exercises with a roller show a slightly larger result than conventional twists, but there are more effective exercises.

The general observation to the scientific work was that different people performed exercises for the press in different ways and otherwise involved the muscles even under the guidance of the same coach. This suggests that for each person there is a better exercise for the press.


The results of scientific research have shown that the most effective exercises for the abdominal muscles are leg lifts in the vise, the "Bike" movement and twisting with raised legs. However, the technique of implementation can significantly change the final result of muscle involvement.

Data sources:

  1. Peter Francis, Ph. D, Biomechanics Lab at San Diego State University, source