What do girls like?

What do guys like about girls?

In many ways it is the desire to increase their sexual attractiveness pushes many guys to start going to the gym. The main goal is to gain weight, increase muscle and get rid of lean physique - they want to become teenagers from men.

Despite the fact that in numerous polls, women claim that they prefer confident men, and physical characteristics and size of biceps they are absolutely not important - in reality, girls "melt" from broad shoulders and strong hands. However, they really do not like bodybuilders.

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Do girls like muscles?

A large study of the laws of attraction, which consisted of a survey of several thousand women, was designed to identify the sexiest male figure and physique. As a result, 8% said that they like muscular men, 6% - "at home soft", and 4% - slender.

The overwhelming majority of respondents( about 82% of girls) recognized a tight and athletic figure as the most attractive. However, not everything is so simple - many of these girls were inclined to consider men with a very average muscle mass overly pumped and not at all sexual.

Model type of male figure


If in models Abercrombie &Fitch girls see the perfect athletic physique( they are afraid of even dreaming about a guy with such a press), then the men themselves will begin to criticize this physique: "So he's quite skinny! There is no shoulder, legs are not pumped, but it is better not to look at calves. Yes, and breasts shaved. "

The problem is that girls like natural and symmetrical sports figures, and not mountains of steroid muscles. They are also not attracted to guys who spend 7 days a week in the gym and receive a handful of tablets and powders, calling it "sports nutrition".

Why is the press so important?

The choice of partner is largely determined by genetics, telling the girl whether a particular man has good health and necessary for successful pairing qualities. The lack of fat on the stomach, apparently, tells them about the high level of testosterone and love of physical activity.

A relief press is not just a developed abdominal muscle, it is also a correct posture, an indicator of rapid metabolism and the ability to choose healthy( and fresh) food for yourself. Overwork, stress, lack of sleep, diet violations - all this negatively affects the press. And on the skin.

Criterion number one - the quality of the skin

Every girl has her own opinion about the beauty of a man's face and his features. However, everyone as one will say that they like clean and healthy skin, as well as a light tan. It is this fact that men stubbornly ignore, completely not caring for the face and remembering it at the age of 45 in search of a cream for wrinkles.

Studies also suggest that girls consider attractive full and symmetrical lips, dark eyebrows and eyelashes, high cheekbones, prominent chin and pronounced contour of the lower jaw. Also, the absence of facial wrinkles between the nose and the corners of the mouth is important to them.

Do girls like a beard?

Girls rank the darker skin color of the face, its triangular shape and the smaller amount of fat to the sexual characteristics of men - but it is these characteristics that can correct the correct beard. It can make the face darker, while emphasizing its triangular shape.

The result is amazing - men with a moderate well-groomed beard seem to girls more mature, "brutal" and suitable for serious relationships, whereas men without vegetation on the face are perceived by them as being excessively young, inexperienced and even less manly.

Smile as a success factor

Interestingly, the fact that men whose faces seem to be more attractive and sexy women, get a high rating and other parameters. Girls consider these men confident, sociable and interesting, positively assessing their physique.

At the same time, one of the key factors of an attractive face is not only the physical features of the skull or the presence of a beard on the face, but also the presence of an open and benevolent smile. The good news is that it's very simple to smile beautifully, and everyone can learn this.


Girls really like sports guys, but bigger muscles are more likely to repel them. The key factors of men's attractiveness are clean skin with a light tan, a tightened figure, the presence of a beard( or well-groomed bristles) on the face, and a pleasant and open smile.