With a coach or without?

Is the coach required for the beginner?

Most newcomers who come to the gym face such questions as whether they need a personal trainer, and whether it's an empty waste of money. Of course, you can train yourself, but this has a number of serious disadvantages.

I'll tell you the most terrible secret - the training program is not as important as the correctness of the exercise, but in order to learn how to do the exercises technically correctly, you will need the help of a professional.

Setting the technique of performing movements

The coach will be able to adequately assess which muscles you have developed and which ones are lagging behind. On the basis of experience, he can recommend, say, work on the hands, without which you do not see any serious indicators in the same bench press.

In addition, often during the exercises you can unconsciously "cheat" and include in the work not only the muscle being worked on( with a press on the biceps curl the whole body).The coach, seeing the situation from the side, will be able to correct the movement.

Is it possible to train with friends?

Of course, you can train with your friends, but this has a number of drawbacks. First, there is a great chance that you will talk more about life than take seriously;secondly, if a friend is as unprofessional as you are, then his advice may be wrong.

Remember that the basis of training should be laid by a professional who will allow you to avoid mistakes and greatly accelerate the path to the desired result. Having worked out the technique, you will be able to deal with friends who will only insure.

Motivation and control of

Another common problem for those who begin to engage in is lack of discipline. Of course, do not skip classes and eat right everything, but in real life, many need a little "kick" to perform the prescribed.

If you have a low level of self-control, then only the coach will be able to beat you out of laziness and make you work. Believe me, only a few can lay out two hundred percent on their own, without external pressure.

How to create a program?

I repeat that the program is not so important - much more significant is the fact that you are seriously engaged. Exercises on paper - this is one thing, done with the full impact of the movement - is completely different. And only the last will give you the result.

Only by listening to your body( or resorting to the help of a coach) you can understand what is good for you and what is not. Remember that there is no universal program for everyone, as there is no universal program even for you - everything changes.


Remember, a beginner needs a professional who will help to achieve results faster.