Body by summer: 3 weeks

Strength training for fat burning

FitSeven continues the publication of a 12-week training program designed to prepare for the summer season. Weekly, we tell our readers about how best to train to create a "beach body" and achieve relief muscles and a tight press.

In the first week of the program, we talked about a comprehensive training program that worked out all the muscles of the body in one session, in the second week - on the technique of high-intensity cardio for burning fat, and this week we will talk about a combination of high-intensity and strength training.

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What is HIIT training?

High-intensity interval training HIIT( or VIIT) is a power or aerobic workout that involves alternating between high and low intensity exercise intervals. For a short training HIIT the body burns significantly more calories than with conventional cardio.

This alternation of loads causes the body to consume more oxygen, which activates fat burning and accelerates metabolism both during the training itself and during recovery from it. In fact, HIIT drills dry the body and burn fat, but the muscle mass is not lost.

Strength training according to the HIIT

principle Initially, the HIIT training was exclusively cardio. The method of Tabat - in total 4 minutes, 20 seconds of high-intensity training( running or rapid torsion of the exercise bike), then 10 seconds of rest, only 8 cycles. Little's method is 60 seconds of high-intensity training and 75 seconds of low-intensity training, 6-12 cycles.

However, in the early 2000s, another HIIT method was developed, involving a combination of power and cardio training - turbulent training. The author is Craig Balantain, a researcher of exercise physiology, PhD, author of books and numerous publications on fitness.

What is turbulent training?

Turbulent training is an alternation of power or functional exercises performed with a low number of repetitions with cycles of high-intensity cardio. The aim of turbulent training is to burn fat and increase the relief while increasing muscle strength.

In turn, functional exercises are such exercises that maximally repeat the movements of everyday life( squats, push-ups, pull-ups and so on).Normally, functional exercises are performed with body weight or with a minimum additional weight.

Program 3 weeks: turbulent training

Before training 5-min warm-up - cardio, from which you should sweat a little. After that, the main program exercises performed by supersets are done - first 8 repetitions of the first exercise, then, without interruption, 8 repetitions of the second. Break 30-60 seconds and repeat the superset. Only 2-3 cycles.

Following a cycle of strength exercises, 1 minute of high-intensity cardio is performed. After cardio go 1-2 minutes of rest, after which the second superset of exercises and the next cardio are performed. It is better to combine different equipment - an exercise bike, a rowing machine, a treadmill and so on.

Supertet A:

  • Squat with light bar OR Squats with body weight
  • Leg extensions in the simulator OR Easy deadlift

Supertet B:

  • Bench press of the floor OR Squeezers from the floor
  • Rod rod to belt OR Belt pull in the simulator

Supertet C:

  • Standing Rod Standing OR Dumbbell Lifting on the Bench
  • Traction of the Upper Block to the Breast OR Tightening the

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Selecting the working weight

Do not try to use too much working weight in the exercises - reduce it by at least 10-20% compared to last week's figures. The number of repetitions in each force exercise is no more than 8. Also, pay close attention to the correctness of the execution technique.

The best solution for beginners training in the technique of turbulent training is to perform exercises with body weight( push-ups from the floor, and not bench press bars).At the end of the program, several exercises are performed on the press, followed by 10 minutes of medium intensity cardio.

Nutrition after exercise

HIIT training changes the metabolism of the body, making its tissues less sensitive to insulin. In other words, the body learns to use carbohydrate calories more for current energy needs, rather than storing them in fat stores. In addition, low levels of insulin help fat burning.

In order to strengthen these metabolic processes, for 2-3 hours before exercise, have a dense dinner, including in the diet "correct" simple carbohydrates with high GI - for example, white rice. And after training, especially in the evening, limit these carbohydrates to the maximum, replacing them with vegetables.


Turbulent training - a combination of supersets of strength training and high-intensity cardio - a step on the way to full-scale circular training, to which we will move in the near future. Also in the following weeks we will begin to actively work on the press and strengthen the muscles of the body.