The history of the

appearance The first sample of the mass market treadmill was developed in the mid-1960s by American engineer William Staub in conjunction with the creator of the modern aerobics concept, Dr. Kenneth Cooper.

Kupper noted that people who regularly engage in an 8-minute run 4-5 times a week are in better physical shape( 1).In turn, W. Staub developed the idea and proposed a device for running at home - PaceMaster 600.

Simulator treadmill

A simulator is a running cloth connected to a load source or engine. Cheaper models use a mechanical load system( most often - magnetic), in expensive models the canvas is driven by a motor.

Modern treadmills are used for cardio workouts both in sports centers and at home, and for medical purposes and testing in blades. In addition, the treadmills are also successfully used in rehabilitation therapy.

Mechanical or electrical?

It should be noted that mechanical treadmills are practically not manufactured at present, because they are much less convenient than models with an electric motor, in which the course of the blade is noticeably "more even".

Among other things, modern treadmills allow you to adjust the level of the blade, and some models independently control the speed of movement, depending on the frequency of heartbeats, while maintaining a constant heart rate limit.

Cheap treadmill for the house

When choosing a treadmill, you should not save by buying a cheap mechanical model. Despite the fact that similar simulators are more compact, they are suitable only for walking, and not for running - seriously doing sports on a mechanical path is impossible.

In addition, trying to buy the most compact model, you complicate your future workouts. Remember that the smaller the canvas, the more difficult it is to run on it. If the financial possibilities permit, choose a track with an enlarged canvas.

depreciation system One of the main criteria in choosing a treadmill is the evaluation of the damping system of the fabric. It is important to remember that the more the amortization of the simulator is made, the safer and safer for your joints will be running on such a canvas.

Rubber gaskets are used in entry-level treadmills;in medium-level devices - variable elastomers( in the middle of the cloth - softer, in front and behind - more rigid).The high-level tracks are equipped with a complex suspension system.

How to choose the best treadmill?

First, you need to decide on the purpose of using the simulator. A suitable treadmill model will depend on whether you plan to develop athletic abilities by running fast or you want to practice slow walking.

Secondly, the size and weight of the trainee will influence the choice( and price) of the treadmill. A tall man weighing 100 kg.will require a track with a canvas of increased size and with a complex shock absorption, and a girl weighing 45 kg.a middle-class model is suitable.

Fat Burning Technique

To optimize fat burning, FitSeven recommends alternating lengthy workouts( 40-45 minutes with a pulse of 140-160 strokes, slow running and fast walking) with short HIIT training - 2 workouts per week.

In turn, the HIIT training should consist of alternating 60 seconds of maximum load( fast running) and 60-75 seconds of low intensity( slow walking).In total, 8-12 such cycles are performed;the total duration is not more than 20 minutes.


Since the treadmill was originally created for cardio workouts at home, training on it is really useful for general health and well-being. The main condition - to observe the correct technique of running.

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