Cardio for weight loss

What is cardio?

Cardio or cardio training is the performance of any physical exercise that increases the heart rate to 130-150 beats per minute. Popular types of cardio are running and fast walking, cycling, rowing, skiing, swimming and aerobics. Power sports for cardio usually do not apply.

Regular cardio training lasting at least 30 minutes not only positively affects the cardiovascular system and develops endurance, but also improves metabolism. All this makes cardio one of the most effective methods for burning fat and losing weight.

The scientific strategy of losing weight is all about how to achieve a relief press. Fighting overweight and the technique of burning fat on the stomach.

Cardioversion for fat burning

Many people believe that if running spends more energy than walking, then it means "losing weight faster" - however, this is not entirely true. The amount of calories burned depends not so much on the type of physical activity as on the average heart rate. The role played and the duration of training.

Despite the fact that a 10-minute run will exhaust a person more than a 30-minute fast walk, in the second case the body will burn more calories. That is why the most effective cardio for burning fat are long-term cardio workouts of moderate intensity.

Why can running be dangerous?

Trying to burn fat quickly, most people start to run it. However, as we learn to swim, we also need to learn and run - running with the wrong technique, in unsuitable shoes( especially with flat feet) can easily cause serious injury to the knees.

To people with an increased body weight, trying to lose weight, running is strictly not recommended, since shock loads have an extremely negative effect on the joints, provoking the development of chronic pain. Preferably fast walking on an ellipsoid, exercise bike, rowing machine or swimming.

Best cardio for burning fat

To force the body to use fat as fuel, it is necessary first to empty the carbohydrate stores stored in the muscles in the form of glycogen. That is why cardio for weight loss should be either long( at least 30-40 minutes), or should be performed immediately after strength training.

It is important to understand that the rejection of harmful food and moderate caloric deficit are much more effective for losing weight than focusing exclusively on trying to burn more calories through sports. The blocking of calories at the stage of their getting into the mouth is simpler and more effective.

Importance of diet for weight loss

The best way to lose weight will be to combine long-term cardio training at least three times a week and a diet that limits fast carbohydrates and excessively fatty foods. In this case, cardio will help the body learn how to use glucose as energy, rather than put it in fat.

If you increase the amount of exercise without changing the diet, increased appetite can cause you to eat more food - as a result, you can even gain weight. In this case, a sharp refusal of food is also strongly discouraged - this leads to a set of fat in the abdomen.

Cardio - before or after weight training?

Cardio before strength training is an important part of the workout, as it is necessary to prepare the body for exercise, increase blood flow and increase body temperature. The correct warm-up includes 5-10 minutes of light cardio training with a pulse of 120-140 beats per minute.

Cardio after strength training is suitable for those who want to improve the relief of the muscles and get rid of the problem fat on the stomach and on the sides. In this case, the most effective are circular and interval cardio training, which forces the body to spend more calories.

Fat Burning Cardio after Exercise

Usually the body can not burn fat and build muscles at the same time - an exception is moderate cardio after strength training. Low blood sugar( all glycogen was used by the muscles) and an elevated testosterone level literally causes the fat to melt.

The plus is that the duration of such cardio can be only 10-15 minutes - this is enough to activate the fat burning. Taking 2-4 capsules with BCAA amino acids( or portions of whey protein) immediately before cardio will stop the processes of decay of the musculature.


Cardio-stimulation, stimulating the cardiovascular system, is necessary both as a warm-up before the power loads, and for normalizing the mechanisms of using sugar as a source of nutrition for the body - this is what is important for activation of fat burning processes.