Beginner's guide: 12 week

How to get very fast?

Most people come to the gym either with the desire to quickly lose weight, or quickly pump up muscles. They are ready to pay the personal trainer, take expensive sports supplements or even steroids - just to bring the body back to normal as soon as possible and return to the usual rhythm of life.

But it's just impossible. A noticeable and stable result can not be achieved in a few weeks, as it can not be inflated once and for life - without proper training and muscle nutrition to return to its original state. If you want to have a sporty body, sports should become your way of life.

The heading "Before" and "After" - like Anton, the guy from the title photo, scored 9 kg of muscle in 3 months of training?

Training program for beginner

With this material, we are closing the series "Novice Guide 2017".Beginning next week, FitSeven will publish an updated 3-month program "Body for Summer", designed to prepare for the upcoming beach season, drawing muscle relief and achieving press cubes on the stomach.

However, you can continue the program yourself, alternating workouts to the top and bottom of the body, as described in the material of the previous week, or by compiling your own training program. Prepare for the fact that you are at the beginning of your own path to achieve exactly your result.

Motivation rules for creating a beautiful body

Motivation is first and foremost a desire to change oneself for the better. In other words, in order to achieve a relief press with cubes, you must first have a soft tummy that you "hate".If you are satisfied with what you have, it is difficult to make serious efforts for the necessary changes.

    1. Dream of the "new I". Evaluate your current physique, then think about how you would like to see yourself in 6 months and in a year. Imagine yourself in a new body, feel it. Find a photo of the model with the figure of your dream and the physical form that you are aiming for.
    2. Do not break away from the reality of .Do not choose the ideal of professional sports models - it's just demotivating. Their result is ideal genetics, decades of training and courses of steroids. Even in a year you will not get close to the desired result, which can make you stop trying.
    3. Record the results of .It is almost impossible to assess the success of training and changes in one's body, seeing yourself in the mirror every day. Be sure to keep a workout diary for comparing the working scales, weekly weigh and monthly make "reportable" photos of your body.
    4. Look at the goals globally .Do not try to track progress too often. It is unnecessary to weigh twice a day or to do the aforementioned report photos every week - focusing on minor details( changing weight by one hundred grams), you just lose sight of the overall picture.
    5. Find your companions. Meet the gym with those who work on a similar method of training to do together, or just find people who are interested in the topic of strength training and proper nutrition. They will help not only with advice, but also will really cheer you up at a difficult moment.
    6. Always study the new information. One of the main mistakes is believing that you know everything about fitness is everything and there is nothing more to learn. Repeat the materials on the correct technique of performing long-known exercises, look for techniques to improve training effectiveness and other new information.
    7. Take pride in your progress .The realization that your body looks completely different, comes abruptly and unexpectedly. If one day you see yourself in the mirror and understand that a completely different person is looking at you - tell others about your success in the "Before and After" section on FitSeven, sending a story with a photo on [email protected]


There is no training program or a magic pill that allows you to pour in a few weeks and stay muscular forever. The sports and sexual body is a daily work and a way of life, driven by an unbending motivation to change oneself for the better.