Atlas of Exercises: Triceps

Short anatomy lesson

The triceps is a three-headed muscle that is divided into lateral, medium and long tufts:

  1. The lateral( lateral) bundle is attached to the humerus, which gives the muscle the shape of the horseshoe.
  2. A long bundle is placed along the arm, fastened to the scapula.
  3. Medium( medial) attached slightly below the lateral, but also to the humerus, located in the center of the arm.

Basic exercises of

The triceps, like many other muscles, grows better from basic, rather than insulating exercises. It is important to know that many exercises on the pectoral muscles include triceps in the work - the best thing is to train these muscle groups with a difference of 3-4 days. Also, to increase efficiency, alternate workouts: light - medium - heavy, and after severe give triceps a week of rest.

Extension on the top block

Grasp the handle with the grip on the width of the shoulders. Holding the trunk, and especially the back, straight, pull the weight down with the arms until the forearms are parallel to the floor - this is the starting position. Slowly straighten your hands to the end, making sure that the movement is performed only in the elbow joint. At the bottom of the path, stop for a few seconds, then return to the starting position. Keep your arm muscles tight all the time.

  • When doing the exercise, look straight ahead, do not follow the movement of the hands - you tilt your head, and this can lead to spinal strain.
  • Elbows should be pressed to the trunk, otherwise the load will shift to the shoulders.
  • The wrists should be in line with the forearms, otherwise you reduce the strain on the triceps.
  • Keep your feet on the ground without tearing socks off the floor;For a better balance, you can set one foot forward.

Push-ups on the bench

Starting position - the heels touch the floor, hands on the bench behind the back. Slowly lower the trunk down, stay at the bottom point, return to the initial position. To complicate the exercise, you can use the extra load by putting weight on the hips.

Extension of the dumbbell to the triceps from behind the head

Sit on the bench, the back is straight. With one hand, lower the dumbbell by the head, slowly return to the starting position. During the exercise, keep the press tight. Lie down on a bench, take the bar with a narrow grip( 10-15 cm).

Press the bar with a narrow grip

Lie down on the bench. Holding your hands slightly bent at the elbows, lower the bar slowly onto the chest. Return to the starting position.

Dumbbell press due to head lying

Lie down on the bench, take dumbbells with a neutral grip( palms facing each other), lower your hand down, trying to make movement only in the elbow.

Hand extension on the lower block

Keep your hands as close as possible to the head;Straighten them, directing your forearm up. Make sure that your elbows are fixed.

Hand extension with a dumbbell in the slope

Left arm and knee on the bench, in the right hand - dumbbell, neutral grip. The back is straight. Slowly pull your arm back and up so that the elbow is fixed. Hold at the upper point for a second, go back to the starting position.

Hand extension on the block with

rope. Performing is similar to the usual extension of hands, but instead of the handle, use a rope.

Extension with one hand on the

block Take the handle of the block with the back grip - the palm looks up, fix the elbow. Without bending your wrist, lower your forearm down, lock in the bottom point for a second, go back to the starting position.