Romantic dinner

1: Prepare small portions of

Prepare one serving( or two small) is usually much easier than cooking the same dish for a family of six. Preparing large amounts of food requires absolutely different skills, so simplify your task and prepare something small enough.

A win-win option is a combination of meat, chicken or fish with a minimal amount of garnish( even banal pasta or potatoes) and "taming" elements such as tomatoes, rucola salad or rosemary sprigs.

2: Know the rules for choosing meat

If you have never grilled a beef or chicken breast steak, it is better not to try to do it in the first romantic dinner - most likely you will dry the meat. Stop on steaks from salmon or bought in the supermarket meat or chicken cutlets.

Do not try to extinguish meat, because it usually loses the "beautiful" look - even meatballs will look more presentable than stews with vegetables. Choose what fries are just a few minutes - it's much easier to cook.

3: Choose the right wine

Wine is selected for meat, and in most cases white wine is used to fish. A hen can go with both white and red;beef and other meat is predominantly served with red. Champagne and dessert wines most often come with fruits and sweet.

If you are not too versed in the wine, select the red dry Cabernet Sauvignon. This sort of grapes is extremely unpretentious to climatic conditions, so spoil this wine is difficult. In addition, it is one of the strongest - about 12-14%.

4: The smaller the garnish, the better.

Plentiful food during a romantic dinner does not contribute to its worthy completion. Do not forget that your main goal is not to feed the girl for a week ahead, but to surprise her with your culinary skills, arranging for a pleasant continuation of the evening.

Prepare very little garnish - fry literally 3-4 small potatoes or 150 grams of pasta( choose fettuccini, similar to home-made noodles).From spaghetti is better to refuse, because they are difficult to eat aesthetically, and you can get dirty.

5: Serve the dish beautifully

If even an ordinary iceberg salad gives the dish a "restaurant" impression, then serving with a rosemary salad or a rosemary salad will turn banal roast potatoes with a cutlet into an exquisite delicacy. In addition, the arugula is well combined with red wine and cheese.

Talking about cheese, it's important to mention that you do not try to add cheese to the dish itself - use either grated Parmesan in a separate container or blue cheese with mold as a dessert. Tell the girl that with wine his taste is just gorgeous.

6: Restrain the pride of

You do not need to fill it with questions like "Well, how did I prepare? Liked? Was it tasty? ".Even if it turned out fairly average, she will still say that it was good. But by asking about it five times, you will surely feel the falsity in her answers - probably it will upset you.

If you yourself understand that the dish was mediocre, you do not need to emphasize it with your depressed look. The girl, in fact, does not care what you cook - for her the main thing is that you really tried to make the dinner pleasant and romantic.

7: Clean the kitchen before serving on the table

One of the most important tips is that by the time cooking is complete, the kitchen should appear as clean as possible. At the end of dinner, you just have to remove the plates from the table and smoothly go to the sofa, and not to clean the plate and pans.

Do not rely on the fact that the girl will clean up the consequences of your culinary activities. If you cook her a nice and tasty dish( in fact, "beautiful" is more important), leaving the kitchen here after it in its original form - for you it will be ready for anything.


The main thing in a romantic dinner is the proper selection of atmosphere and wine. The dish, in fact, should only be beautiful and simple. Do not try to cook something big and complex, just fry what you can, add a little garnish and greens for decoration.