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Together with the online store "Hello, Athlete!", Which is one of the largest in Russia, we have prepared recommendations for affordable and quality sports nutrition in various categories( creatine, vitamins, protein, geyner and so on).

Important note: the material is not promotional. Neither FitSeven nor the above-mentioned online store is associated with the brands mentioned in the article. The recommendations are based solely on the opinion of store experts and the analysis of buyers' interest.

Rating of the most effective sports nutrition for weight gain and rapid muscle mass gain.

Creatine: PureProtein Creatine

PureProtein products are manufactured in Russia according to a recipe developed with the participation of Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Evgeny Shustov. The company's products meet both Russian and European quality standards.

PureProtein's production facilities are located in St. Petersburg, which minimizes transportation costs. That is why the recommended creatine is one of the cheapest products, while yielding as foreign peers.


  • PureProtein Creatine 200 g - 490 rub
  • Dymatize Creatine Micronized, 300 g - 790 rub

Vitamins: Optimum Opti-men

Despite the relatively high price, the multivitamins of the Optimum Nutrition brand are among the most popular. The plus is that the dosage of vitamins makes it easy to reduce the number of capsules taken from three to 1-2 per day, which is more economical.

Alternatively, you can consider taking Opti-men courses, alternating with more budgetary vitamins - for example, with the Universal Daily Formula. Packages of the last( 100 tablets) will last for more than three months. At a modest price of 650 rubles.


  • Optimum Opti-men 90 tab - 1190 rub
  • Dymatize Super Multi 120 tab - 1290 rub
  • Universal Daily Formula 100 tab - 650 rub

Protein: Pureprotein Protein

Given that the cost of the Proimum protein produced in the US Optimum 100% WheyGold Standard exceeds 4 thousand rubles for a standard bank in 2270 g, the search for a more affordable alternative has become a real problem for many athletes.

We recommend that you pay attention to the product of the Russian manufacturer PureProtein mentioned above. A package of protein weighing 1 kg is worth 1190 rubles - twice as cheap as the American one. A variant of inexpensive casein can be Cult Protein Casein Protein, 1000 g - 1390 rubles.


  • Pureprotein Multicomponent Protein 1000 g - 1190 руб
  • Cult Protein Casein Protein 1000 g - € 13,50
  • Cult Protein Whey Protein 2270 g - € 9,900

Pre-Training Complex: MusclePharm Assault

The American company MusclePharm appears to have a direct relationshipto the world's largest sports nutrition store bodybuilding.com, which speaks positively about the quality of its products. The Assault training complex is no exception.

Despite the relatively high price( slightly more than two thousand rubles for a bank of 435 g), it is impossible to select a more affordable product of similar efficiency. However, given the size of the serving, the product should be sufficient for about 2-3 months.


  • MusclePharm Assault 435 g - € 2,600

A short guide to the basic strength training program for rapid muscle mass gain.

Gainer: Cult Protein Mass Protein Gainer

The company Cult Protein is the largest in Belarus firm of sports nutrition. The source of raw materials for the products is both natural Belarusian milk and ingredients of European production( mainly French).

The introduced geyner is a budget and quality option. Admission of a similar product immediately after strength training provides the body with the energy necessary for muscle recovery( this is the reason for the presence of simple carbohydrates).


  • Cult Protein Mass Protein Gainer 1500 g - 990 rub
  • Inner Armor Anabolic Peak Gainer 6800 g - 4390 rub

BCAA: Pureprotein BCAA

Taking amino acids with branched side chains( BCAA) while exercising allows you to stop catabolic processes in the body and reduce the feelinghunger. BCAA significantly increase the effectiveness of power or cardio.

The main difference between the proposed BCAA complex from Pure Protein is its low price - a little less than 1000 rubles for a 200 gram can. Given the standard dosage of 5 grams, this jar should be enough for about 40 workouts.


  • Pureprotein BCAA 200 g - 950 rub


Among the inexpensive and high-quality brands of sports nutrition you can note the Russian brand Pure Protein and Belarusian Cult - their proteins you should like. All products mentioned in the article, you can order in the online store "Hello, Athlete!".