Exercise "Bicycle"

The best exercises for the

FitSeven press have repeatedly written about the need to combine both dynamic and static exercises for effective training of abdominal muscles. An example of the first are all sorts of twists, an example of the second - the exercises "Plank" and "Vacuum in the stomach."

In addition, there is also an exercise "Bike", which is a combination of the two above mentioned types. With its correct implementation, both fast and slow muscle fibers of the press are included in the work, as well as the internal muscles of the body.

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Exercise "Bicycle": What muscles work?

When carrying out the exercise "Bicycle" the key load is on the middle part of the press, the secondary one is on the upper abdominal muscles and various muscles of the body. Among other things, the musculature of the anterior surface of the thighs, the spine and the lower back are implicated in the work.

It is also important that the "Bike" allows you to strengthen and develop the abdominal muscles of the abdomen, stretching towards the pubic bone - these muscles are largely responsible for the formation of a correct posture, because they support the pelvis in a neutral position.

Description of the correct technique

There are many variations of the exercise "Bike", each of which, in fact, is correct. However, in order to learn how to perform this exercise as effectively as possible for the press, it is recommended to start with the basic variation, which is the easiest.

Starting position : lying on the back, the loin is tightly pressed to the floor, the knees bent at the knees are on the ground, hands behind the head. At the expense of the tension of the muscles of the press, lift the legs up, then lift the top of the body and begin to elbow the left hand to the right knee. Hold on. Change the side.

How long does the exercise take?

Exercise "Bike" is performed as slowly as possible - the recommended rate is from 3 to 6-7 seconds for each elbow lift to the knee. One approach consists of 10-12 repetitions( 5-6 per each side), in total 3-4 approaches are performed. Between sets of rest in 30-40 seconds.

Watch your breathing - twist and pull the elbow to the knee at the outlet, unbend at the inspiration. Remember that the starting point of each repetition is the lower position - in other words, before changing the hand / foot you should press the blades to the floor for 1-2 seconds.

The most common mistakes of the

The most typical error in performing the exercise "Bike" is the excessive lifting of the body up and creating a load on the neck. It is important not to try to press on the head, pulling it closer to the knees - just keep your head lightly with your hands and avoid the temptation to hold your hands in the lock.

The second key mistake is the transfer of work to the leg muscles - however, the legs in this exercise should perform only the role of a kind of counterweight. If you can not feel the work of the musculature of the press, do not try to straighten the legs and pull them as far as possible.

The main secret of the relief abdomen is the ability to strain the muscles of the press. All about how to learn to strain the press.

Burning in the muscles of the abdomen

Often, a characteristic burning sensation in the abdominal muscles is the main signal that the muscles of the press are really involved in the exercise. In addition, an indication of the correct technique and the necessary level of press involvement can be a slight tremor in the area of ​​the hull.

However, if you feel pain in the back or in the neck - this is a clear indication that you are doing the exercise "Bike" is wrong. If you can not understand for yourself what kind of mistake you make, it's best to consult a fitness trainer.

Exercise "Bicycle" and fat burning

In conclusion, we remind that "Bicycle", like any other exercise on the press, burns an insignificant amount of calories - despite the fact that it strengthens and develops the muscles of the body, it is impossible to lose weight and get rid of itfrom fat on the abdomen exclusively with his help.

If your main task is precisely the fight against fat on the press, you will need a comprehensive approach, consisting of a combination of sports nutrition and training for fat burning. At the same time doing exercises on the press plays one of the most insignificant roles in the process of losing weight.


Exercise "Bicycle" complexly develops muscle fibers of the press due to a combination of static and dynamic phases of motion. In addition, this exercise can improve posture and strengthen not only the muscles of the body, but also the musculature of the lumbar spine.