How to dial 7 kg.muscles?

Workout duration

Each workout should begin with a 10-minute workout and end with a 5-minute hitch. The duration of the strength training itself should in no case exceed 45 minutes. Total - strictly 60 minutes in the hall.

Each exercise, in turn, must begin with three warm-up sets, preparing the muscles and ligaments for the main load. The first approach is done at 50% working weight, the second - 70%, in each approach 10 repetitions.

What is the danger of long training?

The total duration of the training in about an hour will allow you to concentrate on the training, rather than talking to the trainer or learning a new application on the phone. Remember that you go to the gym to train.

In addition, after an hour of exercise, the blood glucose level drops sharply, which leads to a significant decrease in performance - you simply can not lift a really heavy weight, and without this there can not be muscle growth.

The best program for beginners

In most cases, beginners are trained according to the program with 10-15 different exercises, among them the vast majority of insulating and specific ones( climbing socks for calves), but there are no basic( sit-ups with the bar).

It should be understood that this is not a muscle training, and wasting time - if you do not have a bicep, you do not need to try to pump its upper bunch. Rule number one: if you want muscles - learn to do basic exercises.

Why do I need sports nutrition?

For muscles to grow, they need protein. Theoretically, this protein can come from the usual diet, but for this it is necessary to eat strictly every two hours and rather scrupulously approach the choice of dishes. In real life it is almost impossible.

The protein requirement for muscle growth is 2 g.per kilogram of weight per day - with a weight of 75 kg is 150 grams of protein daily, which is equal to two kilograms of chicken breast. It is much easier to drink protein mixtures - and not only before and after training, but also during the day.

How much should you eat?

If you eat 1,200 calories a day, then it does not matter what exactly to do in the gym, because in any case, the body has nothing left to do but eat up its own muscles to make up for the deficiency of energy and valuable amino acids.

Remember that without enough calories, the body will not gain muscle tissue. This is especially true for those who are thin from nature. You need to know exactly how many calories you eat per day, and whether it fits into the norm.


Get 5-7 kilograms of clean muscles in the first six months of training is easy: just practice 2-3 times a week, do basic exercises and eat enough food. An untrained body responds very well to any training.