How to smile correctly?

How to learn to smile?

Most people do not smile in photos at all because they want to create a serious image, but because they do not know how to do it correctly. At the same time, a beautiful smile is not so much healthy teeth and the ability to show them as widely as possible, but the ability to properly stretch the muscles of the face.

The main muscle that works during a smile is the large zygomatic muscle that runs from the corner of the mouth to the top of the jaw from the left and right sides of the face. Smiling, using this muscle, is simple enough - however, it is this smile and is perceived as fake. Is the electric brush brushing my teeth better than normal? Pros and cons of electric toothbrushes.

Secret of the Hollywood Smile

Hollywood actors perfectly know that the right smile starts with benevolent eyes. No matter how hard you try to depict joy solely with your lips and mouth, your still and wide-open eyes will give the impression of a cold and extremely artificial grimace.

That's why a smile seems natural and beautiful only when it involves not only the mouth and lips, but the rest of the musculature of the face - including the small muscles, the surrounding eyes and various forehead muscles. Only this will create the impression of a relaxed and happy smile.

How to smile with your eyes?

The right smile is first and foremost the relaxed facial muscles. Your face should not say that you are tense, trying to "pull" on yourself a happy emotion. One of the key ways to relax the face is to touch the tip of the tongue with the posterior surface of the front teeth.

To learn how to smile properly, it is best to train in front of a mirror, closing your mouth with your hand. Think about something pleasant and easily smile( without seeing your smile), carefully following the position of the eye-eyes to "catch" this position and then repeat it.

Smile in everyday life

Americans and Europeans are able to smile beautifully in photos and because a smile is a part of their daily life. After catching the sight of an occasional person on the street, they first of all smile( this is the main sign of "good intentions"), and then they greet him.

Maintaining such a "mini-smile" throughout the day literally coaches the facial muscles, making them more mobile. If you go for weeks with a sullen face, and then try to squeeze a smile out of yourself in a photo, it's not surprising that you do not like the result at all.

How to smile in a photo?

The main secret of the right smile in photos is the happy eyes and the maximum opening width of the mouth. You need to smile about 20% wider than you think it is sufficient at first glance. The upper teeth should touch lightly on the lower lip, and the cheeks slightly lift.

Look at yourself in the mirror, then smile so as to show the six middle teeth of the upper row. Smile wider, showing also lateral teeth. You will feel ridiculous, but you will look like a Hollywood star. Remember that the bottom row of teeth is shown only by children and TV broadcasters.

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The correct and wrong smile

The width of the smile helps to change the visual perception of the face and shape of the skull in the same way as different types of haircuts and beards do. For example, people with oval type of face will approach as a modest smile with a closed mouth, and a wide Hollywood - it all depends on the overall image.

To holders of square and round faces the above broad smile will help to make the face visually more oval and "right".In this case, people with an extended face are recommended to focus primarily on the vertical aspect of the teeth and not smile too widely.

Smile and lip shape

Remember that the width of the "right" smile depends on the shape of the lips. If you do not have too large lips, an excessively wide smile will create an impression of tension. Learn to smile so that the canines of the upper row of teeth only touch lightly on the lower lip.

If the upper row of your teeth has the wrong shape, then it's better to smile in such a way that the teeth partially hide the lower lip. Another unobvious secret of the sparkling smile in the photo is the wetting of the front teeth with the tongue, which creates the impression of brilliance.


A Hollywood smile is not just a maximally wide open mouth, but rather a conscious ability to smile at the whole face. A correct and beautiful smile is a combination of eyes, which are blessed with good and joy, with a moderate tension of the facial muscles, which allows us to show only the upper row of teeth.