10 most common questions


The basic program is one of the most effective programs for the rapid collection of muscle mass. Includes five basic exercises( bench press, bench press, deadlift, squats, pull to the belt), requires 2-3 lessons per week.


Is it possible to pump without sports nutrition?

Yes, you can. Sports nutrition only makes your life easier, but you can easily get by with ordinary food. The main thing is to follow the recommendations on nutrition, there is enough different protein and the right number of calories.

Is it possible to swim on rest days?

No, you can not. You need to clearly define your goal - if you want to swing the muscles, it is better to reduce all additional loads to a minimum, even for the couple of months when you are training in a heavy basic program.

Can I add push-ups and pull-ups? Yes, but only as a warm-up. Performed with body weight, push-ups and pull-ups are great for warming up muscles and preparing the body for training. But try not to spend too much energy on them.

Should I add exercises to the biceps?

No, do not. Including additional exercises in the basic program, you dissipate your own efforts and strength for training. Remember that basic exercises involve the work of all the muscles of the body, and the biceps also works.

Can I train every day?

With daily training, the body does not have time to recover, immunity and overall health worsens, and there is no question of any muscle growth. It is recommended for beginners to train less often, but more intensively.

Why is there so little exercise in the program?

Many programs contain 12-15 different exercises - the trainer does not put his skills into practice, leaving his strength "for later".Performing only three exercises in training, you do not need to think about retaining your strength for future use.

Why do squats every workout?

Frequent performance of heavy squats creates serious stress for the body, because the leg muscles are the largest muscle group in the human body. To cope with the load, the production of hormones begins, which leads to the growth of all muscles.

Can I do 10-12 repetitions?

No, you can not. It is necessary to perform no more than 5-7 repetitions of each exercise. If it seems to you that you can do more - increase the working weight. Performing 12-15 repetitions, you make the training "comfortable" and simple, but less effective.

Why does the deadlift include only one approach?

Knowing that you have only 1 approach( not counting warm-up), and that this will be the end of the training, you should do your best in this approach. Use the heaviest weight - you have to work at the limit of your strength.

Can I train alone?

Rather no, than yes. The presence of a trainer or insuring partner will help you feel calmer, performing exercises with a lot of weight. If you are alone, then be sure to use insurance in shells.