Michael: minus 24 kg

  • Name: Mikhail Vershinin
  • Date of birth: January 5, 1989
  • Height: 172 cm
  • Weight before and after: 84 kg, 61 kg, 68 kg
  • City: Moscow

FitSeven: Why did you decide to change?

I think this is a typical story - parents and friends from childhood have told me that I'm not fat at all, but that "this bone is wide."Considered that I have such a genetics, and nothing can be done with myself. But honestly, I always wanted to have a relief press.

Two years ago I had the opportunity to change my lifestyle - I moved to another city, began to eat independently and began to pay attention to what I eat. It quickly showed good results, and I decided to start playing sports.

FitSeven: And what is your result?

Immediately I apologize that the photos I submitted may not reflect the whole essence of the metamorphosis, as being complete I did not think that I would ever take part in such contests and take pictures with a bare torso.

For the first six weeks I lost 5 sizes at the waist - before weight loss I weighed 84 kg and bought jeans of 34 sizes, and then the 29th became a bit big for me. In the next 3 months I dropped another 9 kg, in the end for 4.5 months - 24 kg. With the growth of 172 I began to weigh 61 kg.

FitSeven: Tell us about your diet and the

program. In fact, everything is simple and simple: I refused sweets and fast food, I began to eat separately, trying to consume carbohydrates in the morning. Then he began to run - ran for 5 km every day in about 30 minutes.

In addition, 3-4 times a week after running was a standard 40-50 minute training for the main muscle groups. I worked on my own, without a coach, I myself came up with the program, but in the end it was close to the complex program FitSeven.

FitSeven: Did you take fat burners?

The only thing I decided to use during the period of losing weight is L-carnitine. I took it three times a day for training( in the morning, and before and after the training).I think that it was possible to lose 15 kg in such a short time precisely due to the combination of running and L-carnitine.

I tried more powerful fat burners, but they contain a lot of caffeine and other stimulants - I felt an unpleasant nausea, my heart was constantly beating wildly. As a result, I decided not to experiment with health, and chose a safe supplement.

FitSeven: Mistakes that you would not repeat

I probably would not try to lose weight as quickly as possible - it's better to lose weight gradually, because it's safer for both health and skin condition. When you cut your calorie intake too sharply, the body begins to burn not only fat, but also muscles.

In addition, the error of my training was that I began to intensively do inclines in the sides with weights. At first, oblique muscles appeared, but then they turned just to the sides, which I still try to remove to make a V-shaped figure.

FitSeven: What are your future plans? Will you start working for mass?

To be honest, when the bones started sticking out on my shoulders, I really realized that I do not like being just skinny. Six months ago I started a training program to gain muscle mass and already gained 7 kg. Now my weight is 68 kg.

Ahead of the winter season, and you can focus on hard training for muscle growth, without fear of gaining a little fat. Let's see what will happen to May, but when you achieve results, you always want to set other goals for yourself.

FitSeven :
Your advice to those who start to lose weight

The main reason that most people do not lose weight, in my opinion, is the lack of motivation and the presence of laziness. I decided for myself how I want to see myself, and I wanted it. As a result, the result did not take long.

In addition, it is important to understand that you will have to be friends with sports all the time - once losing weight, but not changing your eating habits and the way of life, you will quickly gain weight and return to your initial "fat" condition.


Mikhail: "If you are told from childhood that you have" bad genetics "or" wide bone ", and for this reason you have excess weight - do not believe it. In reality, almost any figure is amenable to correction. The main thing is a real motivation for success. "