Internal muscles of the press

Weak abdominal muscles

Weak internal muscles of the press are not able to provide a sufficient level of tightening of the body, leading to the effect of a "falling out" belly, even at a low level of fat. If your goal is a narrow waist and a tight press, you need to train and internal abdominal muscles.

Most exercises on the press imply a variety of variations of twists - however, neither the internal oblique, nor the transverse abdominal muscles in these exercises are almost not included in the work. Training of internal muscles of the press should be carried out with the help of static exercises.

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Anatomy of the internal muscles of the abdomen

Strictly speaking, the internal abdominal muscles are located not on the stomach, but on the sides. Internal oblique muscles lie directly under the outer - while the fibers of the internal abdominal muscles are located horizontally, perpendicular to the fibers of the external abdominal muscles.

Transverse abdominal muscles are located deeper, literally encircling the body. They, in fact, tighten the ribs, fixing the volume of the abdominal cavity and creating support for the internal organs. Deep transverse muscles take up to 40% of the vertical load of the spine.

Exercises for the muscles of the body

When performing most physical exercises, it is the muscles of the body and the internal muscles of the press that fix the spine in a rigid position, allowing it to move with additional weight. In fact, any properly performed basic exercise is an exercise for the body.

It is extremely important to consciously support the press, the lumbar musculature and other muscles of the body in easy tension when performing any strength exercises. In simple terms, you should remember that you have internal abdominal muscles and they should be constantly included in the work.

Static exercises on the press

Most dynamic exercises on the press include mainly direct and oblique abdominal muscles( the outer layer of the abdominal muscles), minimally affecting the deep-lying muscles of the body, internal oblique and transverse muscles.

The most effective exercise for working out the transverse muscles of the press is "Vacuum in the abdomen", as well as all kinds of static exercises aimed at engaging the stabilizing muscles of the body - first of all, various stands on the elbows( exercise "Plank").

Exercise "Plank"

Starting position: lying on the floor with your stomach down. Raise the body and lock the position, concentrating weight on the toes and bent at the elbows hands. Maintain in conscious tension the abdominal muscles of the abdomen, the internal muscles of the body and the muscles of the buttocks.

The neck and spine are straight, the rhythm of breathing is regular and even. Hold in the position of "Plank" 10-30 seconds, rest 30-40 seconds, then repeat the exercise. Gradually increase the number of approaches and the time in the rack, then go on to the complicated variations.

Exercise "Vacuum in the stomach"

The result of the daily exercise "Vacuum in the stomach" for several months.

This exercise is recommended to be performed on an empty stomach or 3-4 hours after a meal. Starting position: standing straight. First exhale all the air from the lungs, pulling the stomach inward. After that, strain the abdominal muscles, while trying to "pull up" the cubes of the press to the ribs.

Hold in the position of the maximum tension of the press 10-15 seconds, then slowly inhale and relax the muscles. Repeat 3-4 times. The greatest effect will be the implementation of "Vacuum in the stomach" several times during the day - in a few weeks you will notice how your press is changing.

Complex for internal muscles of the

press The best for the development of internal abdominal muscles is the inclusion of the exercise "Plank" in the training program for the press performed in the gym, as well as the regular exercise of the exercise "Vacuum in the stomach."The maximum effect will give this exercise 4-5 times during the day.

Separately note that no exercise on the press is not able to remove the stomach or burn fat in the abdominal area. To get rid of excess weight and create a flat stomach is only able to combine the right diet and regular fat-burning exercises, and not "Vacuum in the stomach."


Regular exercise of static exercises for training the internal muscles of the press and the body - first of all, "Vacuum in the abdomen" and various racks on the elbows - allows you to make the abdominal muscles more taut, and the figure itself is much more athletic.