Learning to strain the press

How to make a relief press?

A beautiful and relief press is not only a low level of subcutaneous fat, but also the ability to deliberately strain the muscles of the abdominal press( the same cubes).Only by learning how to feel the involvement of abdominal muscles, you will be able to effectively perform various exercises on the press.

However, the difficulty lies in the fact that the more subcutaneous fat you have, the more difficult it will be for you to feel the involvement of the musculature of the press in the work. In addition, an excessively large abdomen causes stretching of the abdominal muscles and significantly weakens the ability to consciously strain these muscles.

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Press: diet or exercise?

On the one hand, the relief press is the indicator of a low level of subcutaneous fat on the abdomen. The less you have this fat, the thinner the skin becomes( more precisely, the "skin fold" consisting of skin and fat), and the more noticeable is the relief of the abdominal musculature.

On the other hand, creating a press with cubes will still require physical exertion from you, since the press is also a muscle. However, the main exercises for its pumping are not lifts of the legs in the vise, but primarily static exercises for the development of the muscles of the hull.

How to properly press the press?

FitSeven already wrote that the best way to pump the press is to combine dynamic exercises with static exercises, as well as the development of internal abdominal muscles. In addition, once again, we note that the burning of subcutaneous fat need a diet and regular cardio, and not twisting.

The main point in performing any exercises on the press is an ideal technique, not the number of repetitions or the amount of extra weight. However, it is possible to achieve the correct technique only in the case of the ability to maintain abdominal muscles in light tension during their training.

Static twisting: learn how to strain the press

The best exercise, allowing you to learn to strain the muscles of the press, are static twists. Starting position: lying on the floor, legs bent at the angle of 90 degrees and raised upwards, a loin with a slight deflection, closed hands are located behind the head( or at the temples).

By pressing your knees against each other, try to feel the tension of the abdominal muscles, then slowly and due to their deliberate involvement in the work, raise the shoulders up and hold this position. Start with 2-3 repetitions for 10-15 seconds, gradually bringing up to 4-5 repetitions of 60 seconds.

Strong anatomy

Muscle fibers are divided into two types - fast and slow. Fast fibers are included in the work when lifting the weight, slow - with static loads. Musculature of the body and the press are dominated by slow muscle fibers, since the task of these muscles is to maintain the posture.

Slow muscle fibers use as a primary energy source not carbohydrates and glycogen, but free fatty acids. This means that the more you develop the muscles of the press, the more dry and embossed will be its muscle fibers - and the very coveted cubes will manifest themselves.

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The key point of the

technique The main point of the static twisting technique is not the height of the shoulders or the time at the top. The key is the sensation of involving the muscles of the press( especially its lower part) in the work. A slight tremor in the body is an indication that you are on the right track.

Having learned to feel press involvement in the prone position, try to achieve the same feeling first in a vertical position( standing straight, legs shoulder width apart, chest looking up, arms taut and directed to the sides), and then during other exercises or in daily life.

How to train a press?

Perform static twisting at the beginning of each strength training until you learn how to turn on the press and without using them. At the end of the workout, first perform several bar slope approaches, then 2-3 of your favorite dynamic exercises on the press.

To exercise the internal muscles of the abdomen at home, perform the exercise "Vacuum in the stomach" - lying on the floor, the feet touch the floor, exhale the air from the lungs and as much as possible pull the stomach inward, as if trying to pull the navel to the spine. Start with 10 seconds, bring up to 25-30 seconds.


The main step in achieving a relief abdomen is the ability to strain the muscles of the press and consciously include them in the work while performing exercises. Static twists, bar and exercise "Vacuum in the stomach" are the best way to learn how to strain the press and feel its cubes.