How to pump muscle

1: Provide the body with energy

For the lean nature of ectomorphs, the primary problem of gaining muscle mass( and increasing the total body weight) is the inability of the body to accumulate sufficient energy reserves. Without this energy, neither active strength training nor subsequent muscle growth is possible.

It is important to provide extra energy for muscles, taking a geyner( cocktail of fast carbohydrates and proteins) 15-20 minutes before training, BCAA amino acid during training, and a full portion of sports protein immediately after physical exertion.

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2: Use basic exercises

Since the body does not have enough energy reserves for prolonged strength training, beginners need to focus on the most important thing, and not overload the program with unnecessary exercises. In addition, the total number of all approaches should not exceed 10-15 sets.

The training program should include exclusively multi-joint exercises, important for both muscle growth and hormonal levels. Training should not be more than three times a week, and the time of each training should not exceed 45 minutes( without warm-up and hitching).

3: Perform 5-7 repetitions

Muscle growth requires a muscle signal that they can not cope with the current load and they need to increase the strength( and volume).Each training you must "bring" the body to the border of his physical capabilities, so he wants to expand this border.

The last repetition of the exercise should be given with great difficulty, leaving no strength for one more. However, the optimal number of repetitions for muscle growth - 5-7 repetitions - requires the use of large working weights, and hence the appropriate insurance or assistance of the coach.

4: Increase the caloric intake of the

The second most important problem of the ectomorph, which does not allow to build muscle and increase body weight, is a chronic lack of appetite. The body, in fact, cares only about providing a minimum of calorie, ignoring the signals of the muscles that they need energy for growth.

One of the main rules for gaining muscle mass is that the calorie intake should exceed the norm by 15-25%( in total it is not less than 2500 kcal per day).The diet should contain a lot of correct fats and carbohydrates, as well as at least 1.5-2.5 grams of protein per kg.body weight.

5: Help the body with additives

The easiest way to optimize metabolism is to take high-calorie sports supplements. If you want to gain muscle, then no matter whether you feel hungry or not, you should take a protein shake with creatine several times a day.

Caffeine and special pre-training complexes will help train more effectively, providing increased blood flow to the muscles, which in turn will create ideal conditions for the expansion of energy depots and entail a further increase in muscle volume.

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6: Analyze your results

Develop the habit of weekly analysis of the results of the training and dedicate it to 20-30 minutes on the weekend. Record in the exercise diary program exercises, body weight and total caloric intake. Based on these records, plan the next week of training.

At first it will seem complicated and completely unnecessary - but if you spend 6-7 hours a week on the gym( including the road for training), it is important to understand if these clocks brought any result. After a month of running a sports diary, you will see how important this is.

7: Set realistic goals for

It is extremely important to adequately assess your capabilities and not compare yourself with bodybuilders and professional athletes. Their body is initially predisposed to building muscles, and their training began many years ago, so they clearly understand the rules of training.

The truth is that in the first year of training it is difficult to gain more than 6-8 kg of musculature, since the rate of muscle growth in a man with average genetics is 0.5-1 kg per month. Despite the fact that this is a very good result, do not expect that you will turn into Schwarzenegger.


The main rules of strength training for muscle mass gain are the emphasis on multi-joint basic exercises, consumption of increased calories and weekly analysis of training results and the chosen nutrition strategy.