TRX Suspension Straps

What is TRX?

TRX suspension belts are an imitation of gymnastic rings fixed to a ceiling, a crossbar or on a hook in a wall. Belts are made of durable nylon and have special loops at the ends for holding hands or feet, allowing you to perform various exercises with body weight.

Training with TRX harnesses develop basic and stabilizing muscles, increase coordination of movements, positively affect the condition of joints and ligaments. The name "TRX" is a trademark - there are many similar belts from other manufacturers.

How to practice on a rowing machine to create a developed muscular back and powerful arms? Rowing simulator is a technique.

The history of the TRX

The TRX training system and suspension belts were invented in the mid-1990s by Randy Haetrick, a member of the US Navy's Special Forces Marine Seal. The first belts were made of parachute straps, and their purpose was to maintain a physical shape in the absence of bulky equipment.

Initially, the prototype of the TRX belts was used in training for marines, and in 2004 their full-fledged commercial release was established. A few years later, TRX launched special courses for trainers, and then there were videos for training home training.

Pros of training with hanging belts

The main advantage of belts for hanging training is compactness. A set of equipment, including tapes, various handles and locks, weighs no more than one and a half kilograms. If there is a fixing point, you can train in almost any conditions.

The second plus of TRX belts is the possibility of using in physiotherapy and in training of people who are not allowed to train with additional weight according to medical recommendations. Third plus - the possibility of conducting a fat burning circular training with a minimum of equipment.

Training for the development of muscles of the body

Hanging training significantly improves the coordination of movements and muscular endurance. Due to the constant need to maintain balance, a lot of small stabilizing muscles that are inactive in performing normal basic exercises are included in the work.

Regular exercise of various exercises with TRX belts creates a healthy posture, as a person learns to "keep" his body properly. Such training is an important tool for the harmonious development of muscles and the creation of a sports figure.

A set of home exercises for improving posture and straightening of the spine. All about how to strengthen the muscles of the lower back.

The best exercises with the TRX

Exercises with TRX - Push-ups with leg fixation

"Push-ups with the fixation of the legs" .Performing the classic version of this exercise is similar to the usual push-ups from the floor. The complicated version implies a combination of push-ups with pulling the legs to the chest. The main working muscles are the chest, arms, shoulders and the press.

Exercises with TRX - Pick

"Peak" .The starting position is similar to the previous exercise. Slowly pull your legs to your chest, lifting the pelvis up. Make sure that the main work is performed by the abdominal muscles. The complicated version( pictured) implies a deliberate twisting of the case to the side.

Exercises with TRX - Plank

"Plank" .Exercise is a complicated variation of the conventional bar. Due to the need to maintain balance, the musculature of the shoulder girdle and pectoral muscles are additionally involved in the work. Lock the position for 30-40 seconds, take a break in 10-20 seconds, repeat.

Exercises with TRX - Lifting the leg with fixation

"Lifting the leg with fixation" .This exercise actively involves the press and the muscles of the body. Lay down on your back, secure both legs in the TRX belts, then lift one of the legs up and fix the position for 30-40 seconds, then change your legs. Press and back tensed.

Exercises with TRX - Squats on one leg

"Squats on one leg" .Rise steadily, pick up the TRX mounts. Slowly sit down back to the position where the hips will be parallel to the floor. Then gently pull one of the legs forward, fix the position for 30-40 seconds, change your legs.

Exercises with TRX - Pull-ups

"Tilting in the slope" .Holding the straps in your hands, slowly bend back, keeping the body straight. At the bottom point, first relax the arms and musculature of the shoulder girdle( press and spin are strained), then consciously pull yourself up by working the widest muscles of the back.


Training with TRX hanging belts can be used either as a substitute for normal power trainings in "marching" or at home conditions, as well as an effective tool for improving posture or burning excess fat( when doing exercises in a circular workout).