1. Burpies: thrust-squat with jumping
  2. Folding knife: raising hands and feet with the ball
  3. Squatting with jumping
  4. Push-ups with the ejection of the ball
  5. Drops with the jump
  6. Push-ups with cotton hands
  7. Side jumps

Plyometric training

ProposedThe training program is based on plyometric exercises performed with body weight. Thanks to such exercises, the athletic power significantly improves, as well as the neuromuscular communication and the reaction rate improves.

Exercising energetically and quickly allows you to create positive stress for the muscles and accelerate your heartbeat, which will burn more than 600 kcal per workout. In addition, plyometric exercises significantly increase the strength of muscles.

Workout duration

The total duration of the training should be 45 minutes, of which 10 minutes is a mandatory warm-up at the beginning of the workout, and 5 minutes - a hitch on completion. As an end to the workout, you can also use the run( approximately 400 m in average tempo).

Exercises are performed one after the other in the specified order without interruption. After the first cycle, a two-minute break follows, then the cycle repeats. During the workout, you must cycle twice. A week is recommended 2 workouts.

Advantages of plyometrics

Plyometric training represents a serious burden on the human musculoskeletal system, therefore, it allows the most effective and fast enough to develop the sports power, strength and speed of reaction.

In addition, given the fact that plyometric training burns many calories, along with the increase in muscle strength, the relief will improve. All this will help achieve the goal many desired - fat burning and muscle pumping at the same time.

Number of repetitions

Plyometrics requires a consistent increase in load - at first you must learn the correct technique, and only then increase the number of repetitions and complicate the performed sets with additional and complicated exercises.

Both beginners and advanced, it is recommended to perform each of the exercises of the program within 40-60 seconds. Given that the number of repetitions depends primarily on the knowledge of technology, beginners will be able to perform much less repetition.

Safety rules

Remember that without drastic movements, you significantly reduce the effectiveness of training, and to safely perform these sudden movements, the muscles should be warmed up, so never miss a workout before training.

In addition, in the jump try not to land on the full foot, heels, as well as on the side of the foot - all this is fraught with trauma. Always land on the ascent of the arch of the foot, as well as avoid springing and cushioning surfaces.


Plyometric training is a great way to strengthen endurance and increase muscle strength with exercises with body weight. In addition, many celebrity training programs contain elements of plyometrics.