Than to replace a sports drink?

How to replace protein?

For a number of reasons - ranging from allergies to lactose, ending with budget restrictions - many trainers can not afford to take protein powder. They are interested in the question of whether it is permissible at home to replace protein with regular milk powder or baby food.

Some people are looking for alternatives to BCAAs and creatine amino acids in pharmacies, believing that "pharmacy" drugs will be more effective than sports nutrition. Not to mention that many newcomers are trying to make a home-made protein shake from raw eggs and oatmeal.

Is the sports protein harmful to the health of the liver and kidneys and how much protein is really needed for muscle growth?

Protein after training

Recall that after sports training to restore and grow muscle, the body needs carbohydrates rather than proteins. A cocktail of two bananas and a glass of milk after the training will be more useful than a portion of protein-isolate with zero sugar content.

In addition, the intake of protein is important not only after training, but 2-3 hours before it starts - this allows you to have a high level of amino acids in the blood in the absence of gravity in the stomach. In fact, you can replace the protein even with boiled chicken eggs, as they will have time to digest.

Home protein shake

The meaning of a protein cocktail is not that it is liquid, but that it contains protein that is maximally available for rapid assimilation. Getting into the stomach, the smallest particles of whey protein are literally absorbed in a few minutes and enter the bloodstream in the form of amino acids.

It is simply impossible to make a similar mixture with raw eggs, milk and other common products. Even if you carefully mix all this in a blender, the composition of this cocktail and the speed of its assimilation will be very far from even the lowest quality powdered protein.

Can I replace protein with dry milk?

In fact, whey protein is the powdered milk, which is maximally purified from fat, carbohydrates( including lactose called "milk sugar") and other undesirable impurities. The calorie content of dry milk is much higher, while the protein content per 100 g is much lower.

Replace powdered protein with dry milk is strongly discouraged. In addition to excessive caloric content due to saturated fats, it contains huge doses of lactose, which can cause stomach problems even in healthy people with tolerability of dairy products.

Baby Nutritional Blends

Special nutritional formulas for children are fundamentally different from dry milk - they are thoroughly cleaned of impurities and have vitamins and minerals important for growth of the body. However, in terms of grams of protein, their cost is several times that of whey protein.

If your main problem with powdered protein is lactose intolerance, instead of buying baby food, pay attention to whey protein not from milk, but from soy, peas and other plant sources, completely free of lactose.

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How to replace creatine?

Creatine is an additive that increases the energy capacity of muscles and improves the visual volume of the musculature by accumulating fluid. In fact, replacing creatine monohydrate with another type of sports nutrition or a drug is absolutely impossible.

However, creatine is a typical component of muscle tissue and it is found in animal meat. If you eat 100-200 grams of meat a day, you definitely cover the daily need for creatine. Recall that it accumulates in the body gradually, and the need to take creatine cycles - only a myth. Do you really need a protein isolate?

The fact that proteins are essential for muscle growth is a reliable fact. However, the main role in this process is played not by sports protein, but by the increased caloric intake of food, created by the intake of carbohydrates and fats. The protein itself is enough in the amount of 1.5-2 g per kg of dry body weight.

Even if you completely exclude the intake of powdered protein, creatine, sports supplements and their substitutes, focusing on a general understanding of your diet, you will quickly achieve the result. This is what makes it possible to successfully gain muscle mass even for vegetarians in case of refusal of meat.


Trying to make a protein shake from home-made products or replace powdered protein with dry milk indicates complete ignorance of dietary rules for muscle growth. You can collect a dry mass completely without the help of sports nutrition, only carefully following your diet.