Body by summer: 1 week

FitSeven prepares to publish an updated version of the program "Body to Summer" - a 12-week course of training to prepare for the beach season. Unlike the "Beginner's Guide" the program is not designed for lean ectomorphs, but for those guys and men who have some excess weight.

In the first month we will learn the fat burning circular training on a complex program that works out all the muscles of the body in one day;the second month will be devoted to strengthening the muscles of the corps and the press;the third - the study of relief and pamping( increasing the volume of muscles).

An introductory course of strength training for beginners - all about how to create the perfect sports body and gain muscle mass.

Complete program for all muscles

The comprehensive training program( full body workout ) involves performing only basic exercises, thus allowing you to work out all the muscles of the body in one short workout. This will ensure the maintenance of muscular tone and will give an incentive to fat burning with the right diet.

It is important to mention that this program is suitable only for two purposes - maintaining the previously collected physical form, as well as for losing weight and drawing relief without losing the existing muscle mass. A comprehensive training program can not be used for musculature recruitment.

Body to fly: 1 week program

  • Squat rod with
  • rod Deadlift OR Leg Extension in the
  • Trainer
  • bench bar Press to the waistband OR Belt pull in the
  • Simulator rod press standing OR Dumbbell extension on the bench
  • Thrust of the upper block to the chest
  • 2-3 exercises for the press

How to implement a comprehensive program?

A comprehensive training program for all body muscles is performed two or three times a week, each exercise starts with 2-3 warm-up sets and includes 4-5 workers. The number of repetitions in each set is from 6 to 9. Rest between sets in heavy exercises is 1-2 minutes, in the lungs - 30 seconds.

The deadlift with rod is performed once a week, as the body needs time to recover. When diluting dumbbells on the chest lying down it is important to observe the correct technique and use the average weight, since the exercise can become traumatic for the shoulder joint.

Press and hand exercises

If, at the end of the main workout, you have the strength to continue, you can perform 2-3 press exercises that you most like. If it's hard for you to make a choice, use a set of exercises on the abdominal muscles for beginners and alternate exercises from it.

Separately note that the complex program does not imply a special study of the muscles of the hands. In fact, the triceps participates in the work with the bench press lying down, the biceps - with the thrust of the upper block. Practical benefits and the visible effect of the exercises on the hands in the framework of this program you still do not get.

Warm up and hitch

Before starting strength training, you need to prepare the body for the load and sweat a bit - the ideal choice will be fast walking on a treadmill or rowing on a rowing machine with proper technique. However, make sure that the warm-up does not exceed 5-7 minutes.

After the end of the main workout, it is recommended to do a set of stretching exercises or devote 5-10 minutes to performing cardio in an easy mode. After the gym it is important to give the body a little time to go into a quiet regime, and not just go to the locker room.

Basic rules of warm-up before weight training. A simple and effective set of exercises for warm-up.

Nutrition in training

Even if your goal is to burn a small amount of fat, do not try to combine weight training with a diet that limits calories. The best nutrition strategy will be the reduction of carbohydrates( especially in the evening), and their use only in the period before and after the training.

Remember also that 2-3 hours before exercise it is important to eat well - you should get at least 40 g of protein and 100 g of carbohydrates with food. To close the carbohydrate window after training, the body will also need carbohydrates( at least 50 g) and a small amount of whey protein( 20-25 g).

Additives for fat burning

FitSeven strongly recommends that you avoid the temptation to take fat burners and other tablets to reduce weight. Most of them have only one active ingredient - caffeine in huge doses. If you need energy support before training, then just drink coffee.

Remember that L-carnitine works primarily on vegetarians( most people get large doses of levocarnitine from red meat), and the blockers of calories and supplements to speed up the metabolism are marketing, advertising, and quite deliberate misleading consumers.


The task of the first week of the program "Body to Summer" is the repetition of the technique of key exercises. The following weeks on the basis of these exercises will be conducted circular training - it will be our main weapon in the fight to burn fat and increase the relief of muscles.