Body by summer: 2 weeks

The program for the creation of the sport body

FitSeven continues the publication of the training program "Body to the summer", designed to prepare for the beach season. As we mentioned in the material of the first week, the goal of this program is to increase muscle tone and enhance their relief, as well as burning subcutaneous fat on the stomach.

This week we will study the theoretical part of the high-intensity interval training HIIT( or VIIT) and apply them in practice. Recall that training HIIT is one of the fastest ways to increase aerobic endurance and get rid of excess fat stores that hide the press.

All about how to return the body back to normal and remove the soft abdomen - a description of the diet for burning fat. A simple diet for men.

What is HIIT?

HIIT training is short power or cardio workouts( no more than 10-20 minutes), implying continuous alternation of intervals with maximum, moderate and low loads. That is why such training is called high-intensity and interval - the abbreviation VIIT.

For the first time, HIIT( High-Intensity Interval Training) training was used in the 1980s to train runners and consisted of repeating cycles that combined a sprint run of 200 meters and a 30-second rest. Widely known method was in the 1990s, thanks to the Japanese coach Izumi Tabata.

Training methods HIIT

The aim of the Izumi Tabat method, the trainer of Japan's Olympic speed skating team, was to increase the maximum level of oxygen consumption( VO2 max) by athletes. However, instead of running, spinning was used - a special high-speed exercise bike, which makes it possible to reach a high speed.

The training of Tabata in HIIT methodology consists of 8 cycles. Each cycle means 20 seconds of maximum rapid torsion of the pedals of the exercise bike and 10 seconds of rest. The total duration of the lesson is 4 minutes. It turned out that such a training regime literally melts subcutaneous fat.

VIIT and fat burning

The primary goal of the HIIT training was to increase the ability of athletes to maximize active aerobic loads. But after it became clear that in two weeks of training HIIT sensitivity of the body to insulin improved by 35%, the method was actively used for the purpose of fat burning.

Short training HIIT does not require much energy in itself, but subsequent recovery processes cause the body to burn additional calories. It is also important that the body begins to use glycogen reserves in another way, preparing them for "explosive loads".All this fundamentally changes metabolism.

Program 2 weeks: HIIT training

It is recommended to start training according to the HIIT methodology according to the "gentle" protocol of Little-Gibal. Equipment for training - a conventional exercise bike. Each training cycle consists of 60 seconds of maximum rapid pedaling and 75 seconds of slow pedaling. A total of 6 to 12 cycles are performed.

This cardio is performed three times a week after the comprehensive strength training program described last week. Before training HIIT it is recommended to take several capsules of amino acids BCAA - this will accelerate the fat burning, while stopping the disintegration of muscles.

  • Squats with a rod
  • Deadlifts OR Leg extension in the
  • Leg lifter
  • Rod pull to the belt OR Belt pulling in the
  • simulator Stand bar press OR Dumbbell lifting on the bench
  • Thrust of the upper block to the chest
  • 2-3 exercises for the press

The best strategy for training, recommendations for drying and removing excess water. How to get rid of fat in the lower abdomen?

Recommendations on nutrition

First, it is recommended to study the materials on the glycemic index and to maximally limit the use of carbohydrates with high GI.Even to close the carbohydrate window after training, complex carbohydrates from whole-grain cereals, rather than sugar from Coca-Cola or juice, are better for you.

Secondly, try to reduce the amount of saturated animal fats in the diet, replacing them with vegetable oils - olive and coconut. However, we separately note that cutting fat is strongly discouraged, since this has an extremely negative effect on male hormones.

Turbulent Training

Next week of the program "Body to Summer" we will continue to use the HIIT methodology, starting to apply its principles in the strength training itself. The popular method of the so-called turbulent training( "Turbulence Training"), developed by Craig Balantin, will be used as a basis.

His exercise program combines the advantages of both high-intensity interval training and circular training. The result will be a rapid achievement of the muscle relief and strengthening of the strength indicators due to a sharp surge in the production of testosterone and growth hormone.


Short HIIT workouts reduce the sensitivity of the body to insulin and help activate fat burning without losing muscle mass, as is the case with regular prolonged cardio. To begin the HIIT training is better by a gentle method, gradually moving to the cycles of Tabat.