Thirty Years Old

The last generation of Russia

. How loud and sad it does not sound, but we are the last generation of Russia. In the next 10-15 years, the influx of 18-year-olds will cease, because this year the adults become the last children of calm Soviet times. Ahead - the children of the crisis.

Our generation will give birth to children, build the country's economy, earn money and live a bright life. The main thing is to earn enough money before retirement, because when we become retired, there will be no one to support us.

Fertility peak of the eighties

In 2013, at the age of thirty, the largest number of Russian men will enter the last 50 years. The peak of the birth rate - 17.6 per thousand people - came in 1983, and we can say with confidence that in the next 50 years this will not happen again.

For five years, the entry into the age of thirty will continue, and starting in 2018, when the birth of those born in 1988 will approach this milestone, there will begin a recession that grows every year, since all nineties and two thousand people were born very few citizens of the new Russia.

Yesterday's children

We are thirty-year-old men and yesterday's children. We remember Twin Peaks, Hélène et les Garçons, "Star Time" and the first Brazilian series. We changed the candy wrappers from the chewing gum and buried the glass in the ground. We grew up, and our children are already different. Time is already different.

We did not have internet and cell phones. When we were in the last grades of the school, there were pagers, and it was wildly cool. Today's children learn to play the iPad before they learn to read. Internet and universal WiFi do not surprise them.

Moscow was not immediately built

Thirty years - a difficult psychological milestone. You finally cease to be a teenager and become a man, you are treated to "you", and it's a little unusual for you to see adults born in 1994.

When talking about the city day, you catch yourself thinking that Moscow is already 865, not 850, and that 15 years have passed since that time. Yes, it's a bit scary. As well as the fact that sometimes it seems that the best years are behind. But this is not so. All the best is ahead of us.

Discovering the New Horizons

Why revise archival series of "Friends" and "Ellen and the guys"?Why re-experience what is already obsolete and irrevocably outdated? There is so much new in the world, and it is enough just to reach out to completely new impressions.

Travel, read new books, watch new movies, meet new people, be happy and healthy, without thinking about restrictions. We understand who we are in this world, and we do not want to be stopped - that's what gives us thirty years.

Men 30+

FitSeven opens a new section - "Men 30+".Of course, at first glance a bit unusual, but it's us. Thirty years old are us. We are not like our fathers and children, we are different. We have our own worries, our worldview and our own ways.

Together we will talk about what is important for men of our age. Together we will grow up. Together we will live a healthy life and keep fit. We are not fans of sport and rocking, we just want to be fit & sexy.

The history of thirty-year

We will tell you how to live bright and full of emotions and impressions with life, how to have fun, and not suffer from the consequences of these entertainments in the morning. Together we will write the history of the thirty-year-olds, together we will be proud of our age.

Travel, new cities and countries, new dishes and new acquaintances - soon FitSeven will tell you about it. Of course, the permanent sections and topics will remain unchanged: training, health and proper nutrition without a diet.


Thirty years is the milestone that we are moving on. Thirty years old is our age. We are different. FitSeven - a guide of thirty years for a healthy and vibrant life. Together we will achieve a lot, and together we will be proud of this figure: 30 years.