7 questions about steroids

How do steroids work?

Drugs called "steroids" or "anabolics"( methandrostenolone, Nandrolone, Anabol, Dianabol, Anapolon, Deca and others) are, in fact, artificial testosterone. Their use at times increases the level of this male hormone in the body.

In turn, a high level of testosterone improves protein metabolism, accelerating the recovery and growth of muscles, and also reduces the level of the stress hormone cortisol, which allows you to train more continuously and with greater efficiency.

Are steroids effective?

Injections of huge doses of testosterone cardinally change the metabolism - anabolic steroids allow you to gain muscle mass and simultaneously reduce the fatty layer even with the most senseless training programs and the lack of a diet.

"Fat-burning" steroids in tablets( Stanozolol, Winstrol, Anavar, Oxandralone), as well as synthetic growth hormone are considered by many trainers and bodybuilders to be almost the usual sports supplement, which allows to dry muscles and strengthen the relief of the press.

Can I buy legally anabolic products?

In each country, steroids and similar drugs have their level of "legality" - somewhere sale and use is a criminal offense, somewhere they are sold in pharmacies according to a doctor's prescription, and somewhere drugs are generally practically free.

However, even if steroids are sold openly in a pharmacy, this does not mean that they are designed for "cosmetic" use in order to increase muscle. Such drugs always have the strongest consequences for the body, and their use should be justified.

Is it dangerous to take steroids?

Anabolic steroids are also dangerous during admission( high levels of testosterone significantly increase aggressiveness), and immediately after the end( due to the powerful "kickback effect" and the return of cortisol to normal levels), and in the long run.

Among the main consequences of taking steroids for health can be called a violation of the liver, increased cholesterol, increased mammary glands by the female type, as well as the risk of deterioration of the skin and the development of alopecia.

Do athletes use anabolic drugs?

Given that the use of "additional" testosterone at the end of the course is almost impossible to determine by doping control, many bodybuilders and athletes of power sports( primarily American football and wrestling) use steroids.

It is important to note that it is almost impossible to achieve huge muscle mass with a low fat level without the help of chemicals. The vast majority of large bodybuilders gained muscle solely with the help of anabolic steroids.

But my friends have tried, and it's ok. ..

During the first cycle of anabolics, you will feel like a superman with steel muscles, constant erection and frenzied sexual activity. But at the end of the course, the potency will go down, and the muscle mass will decrease. A severe depression will begin.

Given that it takes years to develop the dangerous effects of taking steroids, and muscle mass appears right away, you convince yourself and your friends that it's okay to create an example for imitation by pulling others into this vicious circle.

Can I take one course and stop?

If you have even the slightest tendency to develop biogorexia( mental abnormality, in which a muscular man sees himself excessively thin), you can not stop after the first cycle of anabolic steroids, and you will repeat it constantly.

The following cycles will require an increasing number of drugs, and starting with "harmless" and "legal" tablets, you will quickly go to injections. The desire to be as large and powerful as possible will make you forget about any, even the most terrible, consequences.


The imperfect legislation of some countries allows the free sale of steroids and growth hormone. It is important to remember that steroids form a strong psychological dependence, and after passing the first course of anabolics, you will not be able to stop.