Muscles and office

How to combine work and training?

A typical problem for a modern man is how to combine workouts and work in the office. Of course, some lucky people can boast of a free working schedule and unlimited time for sports, but, unfortunately, not everyone is lucky.

Even if you find time that you can give to sports, do not forget about the most important things - nutrition before and after training. Remember that muscle growth is more than 80% dependent on what and how you eat. Forgetting about nutrition, you complicate your task.

Training before work

The basic difficulty is that you can not exercise on an empty stomach, and in order to digest food, you need at least two hours. In other words, you need breakfast at 6 am to begin training at 8.

The solution is a portion of protein and simple carbohydrates( 10-20 grams) an hour before training. Do not forget about cocktail BCAA-carbohydrates during training, and the protein after, and also necessarily densely have breakfast within an hour after employment - close the carbohydrate window.

Training after work

If you train in the evening, then you are familiar with the lack of energy after a working day, as well as the problem of a late dinner. To make the evening workout more effective, try pre-training energy( Jack 3D or NO-Xplode).

As for dinner, forget about the myth "do not eat after six," and just try not to eat less than three hours before bed. In addition, reduce the amount of simple carbohydrates for dinner, and do not overeat. Before going to bed do not forget about casein - slow proteins.

Lunch break training

In terms of nutrition before and after training is the most ideal option. You can safely have breakfast, as well as normally eat after the workout. The only problem is tight time constraints.

But do not forget that effective training should not exceed 45 minutes - with a warm-up and a hitch you must keep up in an hour. You can easily lay the program at this time. Rather, there is something to think about, if you do not succeed.

Exercise on weekends

If you do not manage to allocate time for sports during the working week, and you try to do it only on weekends, then I must disappoint you - such training will not be particularly effective.

Not to mention the fact that too zealous, but rare training, can do more harm than good. You try to catch up on everything that you did not do all week, and are working at the limit of opportunities - do not be surprised when the body "breaks."

How to eat in the office?

The next important moment of an athlete living in office life is food. Remember that one meal during your working hours will not be enough for you. Try to either have lunch twice, or bring food with you and eat it in the office kitchen.

In addition, do not forget about protein shakes - they need to be consumed approximately 2 times during the working day( excluding the protein before and after training).This will allow the muscles to constantly receive energy for growth and recovery. Of course, you will have to go down several times a day to the dining room, carry food from home, fiddle with plastic shakers for protein cocktails, but this will help to normalize the schedule of nutrition and training - in fact, the most important elements of growth.

In addition, colleagues( especially female) will begin to treat you with respect - as an independent and responsible athlete. Yes, and do not forget the most important plus - on the sports shoulders the costume looks much better.


Actually, the main problem in combining work and training is to find a gym next to work or home, and also to allocate for sports an hour and a half three times a week. The issue of nutrition is important, but there are no fundamental difficulties in it.