Basic program for weight

How to gain weight?

A newcomer who started to work on the basic program during the first months of training usually increases about 5-7 kg of muscle mass - in spite of the fact that this figure seems insignificant, the typed muscles radically change not only the physique, but also the metabolism.

Since the body of a beginner does not yet know how to accumulate enough energy for strength training, it is necessary to focus on the most important thing and not overload the training program with secondary exercises - it is on this principle that the basic program is built.

An introductory strength training course for beginners is all about how to gain muscle and create the perfect sports body.

Muscle mass: physiology

For the growth of muscles the body signal is important that it can not cope with the current load. In fact, the body needs to be brought to the border of physical possibilities, so that he wants to expand this border - the last repetition of the exercise should be given with great difficulty, leaving no strength for one more.

In addition, performing exercises with a high weight and low repetition rate uses a fast type of muscle fibers( so-called white fibers) - a similar training activates the nervous system and increases the production of hormones critical for muscle growth and weight gain.

What is a basic program?

The basic program is a strength training program for muscle mass, consisting of using key multi-joint exercises performed with maximum working weight, low repetitions( 3 to 8), and a limited number of sets( 3 to 10).

Unlike training with a large number of repetitions( pumping), the basic program affects the growth of the muscle itself, rather than sarcoplasm - this makes the muscle structure more dense and elastic. This is what allows you to gain mass as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The structure of the basic program

Training in the basic program is held every three days: Mon - A, Th - B, Sun - A, Wed - B, Sat - A. If you want to engage in the scheme "Mon / Wed / Fri,so that the time between training is at least 48 hours. More frequent training will negatively affect the recovery.

Training A:

  1. Squats with a bar - 3 sets, 4-6 repetitions.
  2. Bench press bar - 3 sets, 4-6 repetitions.
  3. Deadlift - 1( one) approach, 4-6 repetitions.

Training In:

  1. Squats with a bar - 3 sets, 4-6 repetitions.
  2. Press the rod standing - 3 sets, 4-6 repetitions.
  3. Thrust rod to the belt - 3 sets, 4-6 repetitions.

Why so little exercise?

The main reason for using only five strength exercises is that they teach the muscles of the body to work in a complex. It is strictly forbidden to replace squats with a barbell with a leg press in the simulator or supplement the program with five exercises on the biceps or on the press.

However, remember that at first it is important to learn to do the exercises correctly - even the slightest mistakes of the technique can lead to trauma. Start with an average weight and 4-5 working approaches for 8-10 repetitions, gradually bringing up to 3 approaches in 5 repetitions. Record the numbers in the training diary.

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Program for the mass vs.pumping

When performing exercises with a large number of repetitions( 10-15), the main source of energy for muscles is glycogen( carbohydrate stores), while in low repetition training( 4-6 repetitions) the body first uses the energy of ATP and creatine phosphate, and only then switcheson glycogen.

This is extremely important, as for beginners the capacity of energy depots of muscles is usually limited - having spent all glycogen reserves on power training, the body does not have the strength for full recovery and muscle growth - that's why it is usually so difficult for beginners to gain weight.

The importance of a workout before training

Before the beginning of strength training, warm-up - mandatory cardio for 5-10 minutes for a general warm-up. Then, to prepare the ligaments, all three exercises of the current day are performed in a circular mode, but with an average working weight and 10-12 repetitions. Only after this is allowed to go to the main program.

Rest between sets of strength exercises - 60-90 sec. Break between exercises - 2-3 min. The total duration of training - no more than 45-50 minutes. If you feel that at the end you have too much energy left, it means that you did not exercise fully.


The basic program using the key multi-joint exercises is the best way to quickly set the mass. If you follow the rules of the program and the correct technique of doing exercises, even a beginner with medium genetics can increase 5-7 kg of dry muscles.