Dummy additives

10 sports supplements, the effect of which is not confirmed: L-carnitine, arginine, glutamine and others. Remember this list in order not to spend money.

The truth about sports supplements

Every year, on the shelves of sports nutrition stores, a new miracle-agent appears, which, when consumed in only a few days, leads to a decrease in subcutaneous fat and a significant increase in muscle mass. But all this only in words.

The overwhelming mass of sports supplements is a pure water advertising product. Studies that prove their effectiveness, or not conducted at all, or conducted by manufacturing companies, which is not correct.

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Additives that do not work

Calling the biggest sports nutrition deceptions, you can safely recall L-carnitine, which is positioned as a fat burner, L-arginine, which is endowed with the ability to influence muscle growth and is considered almost anabolic.

In addition, manufacturers often like to give out the usual combination of vitamins for miraculous complexes, selling them several times more expensive. The most obvious example is the addition of ZMA, which is significantly more expensive than conventional zinc and magnesium.

L-carninite( L-carnitine)

Statement of : L-carnitine is an amino acid that can affect fat burning processes. With the use of this product, muscles increase the consumption of fatty acids, which leads to a decrease in body weight. The additional intake of L-carnitine promotes the acceleration of the splitting of fats in aerobic training. In addition, the anabolic effect of L-carnitine has been experimentally established, when it is used, not only does the percentage of adipose tissue decrease, but the proportion of dry muscle mass in the body increases.

Facts about : There is no proven evidence that carnitine in the muscles is needed to increase their intake of fatty acids. In addition, the effectiveness of the L-carnitine supplement has not been confirmed by independent tests - in other words, this substance has absolutely no effect on fat burning.

L-Agrinine( L-Arginine)

Statement of : Arginine is an amino acid that increases the production of nitric oxide( NO), which in turn accelerates the growth of muscle mass, improves muscle uptake of nutrients and affects the drawing of veins. To athletes, arginine gives pumping, improves blood circulation throughout the body due to the safe expansion of blood vessels and, as a result, improves all the physiological processes associated with the restoration and growth of muscle mass.

The facts of : First, in studies that showed the effect of L-Arginine on the level of nitric oxide, arginine was injected directly into the blood, rather than in the form of tablets or drinks. Secondly, the effect of nitric oxide on muscle growth has not been proven.

L-glutamine( L-Glutamine)

Statement of : L-Glutamine is an indispensable amino acid that increases immunity, affecting the power performance and accelerating the recovery processes after training. Promotes the synthesis of proteins in the body, protects muscle tissue from catabolism. The supplement also improves brain function, mental activity.

Facts from : Numerous studies have shown that glutamine can not cause an improvement in strength or increase in muscle mass.

Chromium Picolinate( chrome picolinate)

Statement of : Chromium pinocalate is a mineral that helps lower blood sugar levels, and also suppresses appetite and craving for sweets. The use of this additive can help in the fight against excess weight, increases muscle growth and improves the process of fat burning. In addition, the product is a substitute for steroids.

Facts from : Many studies conducted on different groups of people did not reveal the ability of this additive to influence weight loss.


Approval of : ZMA - a combination of zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6 - increases the natural level of testosterone, accelerates recovery processes and improves sleep quality. This is a natural and 100% clinically proven remedy that raises the level of hormones in the body, causing muscle growth.

Facts : Studies showing the effectiveness of the additive were conducted by the company that produced this product. Independent studies have not identified any combination of substances with any ability to influence testosterone levels and other indicators.

Chitosan( Chitosan)

Statement of : Chitosan is a natural fat burner - a blocker of calories, slowing down the process of fat absorption. This additive acts in the gastrointestinal tract as a powerful adsorbent, normalizing the digestive process, reduces the body's digestion of harmful food components and removes toxic substances.

Facts : Recent multi-level independent studies have shown that chitosan has virtually no effect on body weight, and can not be considered a fat burner.


Statement of : Guggulsterone is a product of the Guggul tree, which grows in India. This substance is used in folk medicine, lowers the level of cholesterol in the blood and prevents the formation of blood clots.

Facts : According to studies, guggulsterone has no effect on cholesterol levels, and is not able to influence weight loss in any way.

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CLA( Conjugated linoleic acid)

Statement of : In laboratory studies, the CLA has shown that it improves the absorption of nutrients, stimulates muscle tone and significantly reduces body fat. Also helps in protection from cancer.

Facts : According to the latest independent studies, CLA has no effect on muscle tissue. In addition, it was found that this supplement has a negative effect on glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity( shows the opposite effect to the advertised effect).

Gainers Statement : Gainers are protein-carbohydrate mixtures designed to quickly gain weight( mass) and restore the energy balance of the body.

Facts : In fact, the product is a mixture of protein, simple carbohydrates and some fat. The weight gain caused by this product is most often due to the collection of a large amount of fat. In addition, by the ratio of the price per serving of pure protein, the product loses to the pure protein( isolate).

Vanadyl Sulfate

Statement of : Modern studies of the action of vanadium are quite impressive: they show that the mineral can greatly reduce the need for insulin and hypoglycemic drugs. Vanadium participates in the formation of bones, metabolism, cholesterol, controls the work of the heart muscle. Vanadium is responsible for the condition of our bones and teeth.

Facts: There is only one( !) Official study of this additive, according to which it has no effect on any processes in the body.

What sports nutrition to buy?

Speaking of sports supplements, the effectiveness of which is confirmed by independent clinical studies and practical training, there are only a few: protein mixtures, creatine, vitamins.

The vast majority of other additives is either a cunning mixture of the above substances, or it does not work for everyone. In addition, do not forget that even taking pacifier medication there is a positive effect due to auto-suggestion.


Sports magazines, writing reviews about new super-effective additives, in most cases live by advertising these very not expensive additives. The proven effectiveness shows only a very limited number of products.