How to pump up the shoulders

Shoulder muscles: anatomy

Deltoid muscles, or deltas, are located directly above the biceps at the place where the hand is attached to the body. The term "shoulder muscles" most often refers to the deltoid muscles, as well as partly the muscles of the trapezium.

The deltoid muscle itself consists of three large bundles( rear, front and middle) arranged in the form of a triangle. The largest volume is the average delta, so it is usually given priority in training.

The best exercises for the shoulders

It is believed that the shoulders are easy to shape, but it is difficult to add volume. Usually the training begins with the basic for the shoulders of the presses( army bar press or Arnold's press with dumbbells), which are the main exercises for giving the shoulders massiveness.

The rear part of the deltas is worked out by the dumbbell rails in the slope, the front one by the dumbbell lifts in front of him. For all these exercises, there are analogues performed on simulators, however, working with free weights is more effective.

Wide shoulders: the secrets of the

technique Since the musculature of the shoulders is dominated by fast muscle fibers, the so-called "pumping" is ideal for their growth, consisting in performing exercises with a low weight and a high number of repetitions( about 12-15).

At the beginning of delt training, one or two basic exercises are performed with increasing working weight in each approach, followed by isolated exercises. For beginners, intensive work with low weight, advanced - supersets and drop-drops is suitable.

The most common mistakes of

Despite the fact that shoulder training does not require a large working weight, many are chasing only the figure, exposing joints and ligaments of danger. Remember that the shoulder is easy enough to injure, but it is extremely difficult to heal the injury to the end.

Also do not overestimate the importance of the front and rear deltas. As a rule, each of these groups requires only one exercise. The main emphasis should be on training the middle delta, because it forms the bulky and powerful shoulders.

Supersets for the shoulders

The supertet is a combination of two different exercises by alternating the repetitions of each, when first the first, then the second, then the first repeats are done - the perfect technique for creating pumped and raised shoulders.

It is most effective to combine front and rear deltas, or two exercises on the middle delta. In addition, as an advanced training technique, you can use trisets, working through all the deltas in one intensive approach.

Dropsets: the correct

technique A positive effect on the growth of the shoulder muscles also has a "dropset" - a reduction in working weight and an increase in the number of repetitions from approach to approach. In each approach, up to 20-25% of weight is reset, in total 6-8 approaches are performed without interruption.

Dropset is the best completion of the training of the shoulders, and, as a rule, each workout of the dropplet is performed on different bundles of deltas. However, it is important to note that this technique should be used exclusively by advanced trainers.

Combination of training with other muscles

Deltoid muscles are considered to be a fairly independent muscle structure that does not include antagonist muscles. However, their training is allowed to combine with the training of not all muscle groups.

The shoulders do not fit well with the training of the muscles of the back and chest, since in all cases a powerful hand operation is required. Most often, "the day of the shoulders" is the day of training the feet. In addition, the shoulders can be combined with the training of the biceps or triceps.


Deltoid muscles develop from quality pumping with blood during strength training. The quality of this pumping determines the correct execution technique. It is recommended to work this technique first, then increase the working weight.