Body by summer: 6 weeks

How to give muscles a relief?

In order to have an athletic figure, you do not need to have a huge muscle mass. To achieve a harmonious body and musculature traced, it is first of all necessary to lower the level of subcutaneous fat. However, the struggle for harmony and relief does not begin in the gym, but at the table.

The diet for the sixth week of the body-to-fly training program implies a smooth transition to the rules of the cyclic keto diet( CKD) - the best way to achieve relief musculature. Diet CKD allows you to burn excess fat without losing muscle and slowing metabolism.

When is it better to do cardio before or after weight training? The rules of cardio for weight loss and fat burning.

Relief: workout or diet?

Diet is the main component of training on relief. Exhausting cardio and running can help to achieve harmony, but without changing eating habits it is difficult to maintain the achieved shape and low level of body fat percentage is the most important element of the muscle relief.

The first week of the cyclic Keto diet KKD for relief enhancement is introductory. The main goal is to try on a similar diet, without giving much importance to specific figures for nutrients and calories. However, starting from the second week the calculation will be important.

  • From Monday to Wednesday - a carbohydrate diet and a reduction in calories.
  • Thursday, before lunch - carbohydrate phase, then a full dinner.
  • Thursday, after training - a full dinner.
  • Friday - food with a lot of carbohydrates.
  • Saturday is a full meal.
  • Sunday - reduced nutrition in the afternoon.

Exercises for the relief of muscles

Training for relief implies an emphasis on a comprehensive program - basic exercises grouped together. Isolating exercises( for example, biceps lifts) are maximally limited, since they have a minimal effect on metabolism and metabolism.

At the same time, the presented training program combines both cardio used for the purpose of burning fat and strengthening the relief, as well as weight training that strengthens the muscles and prevents their loss( the most common mistake of those who want to lose weight is the sharp burning of muscles, not fat).

Muscle growth and fat burning

Training is tied to the rules of the cyclic diet CKD.The first three days are used to enhance the relief - the carbohydrate phase and the low caloric content of food contributes to this. Strength training is held in the first half of the day on Monday, using the "reserves" of last week.

The second half of the week combines increased caloric intake and basic training to maintain a normal metabolic rate. Easy training on Thursday launches protein synthesis, and carbohydrate loading on Friday and a strong training session on Saturday activate the growth of muscle tissue.

Body by fly 6:

relief training Monday performs turbulent training to enhance the relief and "washout" of glycogen stores. Exercises are performed by supersets - first 8 repetitions of the first exercise, then, without interruption, 8 repetitions of the second. Break 30-60 seconds and go to the next superset. Only 2-3 cycles.

Supertet A:

Supertet A:

  • Squat with light bar OR Squats with body weight
  • Leg extension in the simulator OR Easy deadlift

Supertet B:

  • Leg bench press OR Squeezers from the floor
  • Rod pull to the belt OR Belt pull in the simulator

Supertet C:

  • Standing Rod Standing OR Dumbbell Lifting on the Bench
  • Top Block Lift to the Breast OR

Pulling On Tuesday and Wednesday are non-carbohydrate days and optional cardio workouts of 40-45 minutes. This can be a slow run, an ellipsoid or a rowing machine. It is important to monitor the pulse rate and work in the zone up to 150 beats( or 60-80% of the maximum heart rate).

Training on Thursday ( complex program exercises) is performed after a dense dinner containing a normal amount of carbohydrates. The weight used is 80% of the normal working weight, the break between the approaches is 2 minutes. Each exercise includes 3-4 sets of work for 8-10 repetitions.

  • Squats with a bar
  • Deadlifts OR Legs in the
  • Leg lifter
  • Rod pull to the belt OR Belt pulling in the simulator
  • Standing bar press OR ORDERING of the dumbbell on the bench
  • Thrust of the upper block to the chest
  • Circular exercise program for the

pressthe second half of the on Thursday and in Friday nutrition with an abundant amount of carbohydrates, but with the maximum reduction in fats( especially animals).The goal is to maximize the glycogen reserves in the muscles for a powerful strength training, held on Saturday.

In Saturday a complex training program is carried out similar to Thursday, but the working weight in exercises increases, the number of sets is reduced to 2-3, and the number of repetitions decreases to 6-8.This approach activates the processes of muscle growth, in fact preventing them from burning.

Advantages and disadvantages of a carbohydrate diet for strengthening the relief of muscles. What you can eat on a carbohydrate is an example of a simple menu.

How to eat for the relief of muscles?

The main rule of carbohydrate days for relief is the consumption of at least 2 g of protein per kg of body weight per day. At the same time, the daily caloric intake of food is reduced by no more than 20%.The caloric value is calculated by multiplying the net body weight( minus fat) in kg by a factor of 35.

The amount of carbohydrates is reduced as much as possible, however, green vegetables( sources of fiber and vitamins) remain in the diet. It is also necessary to pay attention to the source of fats, preferring olive oil and coconut fat, giving up butter and other animal fats.


  • A man weighing 80 kg
  • Percentage of body fat - 15%( or 12 kg)
  • Daily calorie norm -( 80-12) х 35 = 2380 kcal
  • Calories for relief - 2380 minus 20% = 1904 kcal
  • Requirementin protein -( 80-12) x 2 = 140 g protein


Working on the relief, it is important to remember that the diet is the first component of success. The advantage of CKD's cyclic carbohydrate diet is that it allows you to burn fat and strengthen the relief without losing muscle mass( due to carbohydrate loading and powerful training on Saturday).